Google Home Hub

So... my Home Hub arrived early today. Had to reset it once and set it up twice to get it to pick up the UK language settings but now it's happily sitting in the kitchen just waiting for me to think up some recipes I need... :slight_smile:

All I need now is some lovely juicy Hubitat integration. C'mon Google! Don't keep us hanging like this.......


Mine should be here Thursday! :grin:

Anyone know if there's a way to to not have google photos compress the images? Does it let you turn that off to eat up your storage instead? Sorry slightly off-topic but that's been my hangup on trying Google Photos.

My 2 arrive tomorrow!

:+1:t2: Ooh, I’ll be following the adventures in this thread as the Google Home Hub sounds like it’ll be a nice little interactive ‘house display’


Following because I want one....

Mine should be here tomorrow! Proper Google integration is a huge last step for me with my ST to HE migration.... I'm leaving it all in ST until the integration is there.

... Amazon Shows can be used via their (now) included web browsers with Hubitat but it times back to home/screensaver after 10 mins. I haven’t seen Google devices with this capability with a user entered url.

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I don't believe any of the google smart displays can do this right now. Google is leaning on their "partner/integration" programs to let you access the things you "need to" from their own interface. Again, not an issue if the HE <-> Google integration is solid but I still wouldn't mind being able to open shaprtools or other dashboards from it, though I suspect that's not in google's short term ideas for it.

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Yes and yes. The option is under Backup and Sync.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I thought it was locked to the free compressed images... I'm so moderately satisfied with Apple's Photos implementation it's tough to switch for 1 device.

My biggest pain point ATM is sharing original quality photos between my wife and I to a central family library is really tough at the moment. I think Apple and Google are so about these are My Photos nobody really thinks about a collaborative family album at the moment.

Google might and maybe this device is the gateway into that photo nirvana for me but I'm not sure at the moment.

I don't use the original quality option because a couple of years ago, I compared the original to the compressed and couldnt distinguish the difference (on my pc with 12x zoom). I haven't done that comparison recently to compare with my Note 8 pics.

RE family sharing. That is currently what I do with my wife. I created a shared album and gave my wife the ability to upload to it. It even labels each picture with who uploaded it. We use it to keep all the kid photos in one place. I share (view only) with all the grandparents, who get alerts when either of us upload anything new. It's fantastic.

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Thanks that sounds pretty ideal.

I worry about quality as my photos are up on my TV all the time on the nice Apple TV screensavers. Even with original quality my DSLR photos are amazing on the 4K TV but the dated iPhone 7 photos are a bit meh, which is why I really don't want any further compression.

Sounds like you need to switch to a Google Pixel :wink:
Unlimited full resolution uploads FTW


I'm a disappointed Apple fanboy...
It's really a possibility...

You need to drain your veins from apple juice! Google it! Lol

By the way, I have Amazon Photos, unlimited with Prime subscription and a NAS.

And if you enable the face recognition it knows who all the family members are and you can search by just about ANY term, (car/place/location/person/animals) and it will find and display those.

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Got my Home Hub in today. First impressions...WOW! Love the design and function so far. It's replacing a 7" Android tablet (and a Mini) in my living room so the size is perfect too. I could see me wanting a bigger one for the kitchen though.

I use the 'other hub' app so I can use Google Assistant to control all of my devices. At first I didn't like the new Home app device control on my Pixel but on the bigger screen it's really nice and will only get better as they get feedback.

Definitely going to replace a few more Mini's with Hub's. Hopefully Santa will bring me another one or two. :sunglasses:


I feel exactly the same way as I unboxed two of them today. The ability to cast things (Plex!!!!) to it are wonderful. I really look forward to the HE + Google integration as I now see how well this is going to work. At very least quick access to the thermostat and some scenes as it sits on my end table or night stand. Very impressed with the hardware.


(This is almost enough to make me fire up my ST and otherhub.... nah!)