Google Home cannot reach Hubitat

When speaking a command to Google Home, I frequently (at least daily) get the response, "I'm sorry, I cannot reach Hubitat". Does anyone else have this issue?

I have unlinked the integration more than once. I don't have any problems linking, just issuing commands.

FWIW, has issues too. It says "Failed to send command".

Everything works flawlessly through local dashboards, of course. My suspicion is that the Hubitat cloud is getting overloaded, Does anyone know if that is the case?

Ideally, I want GH to connect directly to my local Hubitat. Is anyone exploring that possibility? I imagine GH has that locked out.

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Reboot your hub and then update to the latest hotfix and see if it fixes your issue.

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Thank you, Chuck. I have updated my hub. Can't wait to test it when I get home tonight! :crossed_fingers:

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"Ideally, I want GH to connect directly to my local Hubitat. Is anyone exploring that possibility? I imagine GH has that locked out."

Are you interested in local voice control of automation?
Are you interested in some new level of Google Assistant integration?

If you are interested in the former (Local voice control of automation), then you may be interested in the following approach:

My issue started April 15 after working flawlessly for almost a year.
Anyone else have the issue?
Any resolution?

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My GH shows all my hubitat devices as not responding. I've attempted to remove, relink, and reboot my hub. I'm on the latest, still having issues

I am also experiencing this. Google Home, whether via the Android app or a Google Home Mini, says all devices connected to Hubitat are offline when I try to send a command (on, off, etc). I've watched for log traffic on the Hubitat while trying this and don't see anything.
This is the first time I'm trying to control devices from Google Home via Hubitat. Previously I used Alexa. I can control other wifi-connected devices supported by Google Home, like GoSund switches, and discovery seems to work, I just can't control anything.
I've looked on my router for blocked traffic and see no indication that anything's wrong. It would help to know how Google Home is connecting to Hubitat - I assume through my account using the cloud connection.

...and, mysteriously, about 16 hours later, I am able to control Hubitat devices from the Google Home app, and (not too surprisingly) from my Google Home devices.
Apparently there's a substantial delay between adding the Hubitat (or changing it) and being able to communication with Google Home.
In short, the problem went away by itself after about 16 hours.

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