Google Home/Assistant tutorial?

I am doing some initial research before taking the plunge with Hubitat. The main deciding factor for me is being able to use Google Home/Assistant to control my lights, etc. I've tried search but not find any tutorial or documentations describing how to do this with Hubitat. Are there any resources available for me to learn more about this? How difficult is it? What exactly do I need to do to be able to issue a voice command via Google Home to have Hubitat turn off my lights for example?

I suppose you have ST and Google Home, it's the same process, to add HE to GH you go to GH and add the HE skill and you will get the skill installed on HE hub, on there you can choose the devices you want to control.

Ok google, turn off the living room light, just use the name of your device in HE

If I get a Google Home mini is that all I need or do I need to setup a server somewhere ?
I've been thinking that a Google Home Mini would make a nice simple "connected speaker"

Google Home mini is fine.


Ok, great. They're certainly nice and cheap.
Where I seem to be getting conflicting information is my lack of understanding about being able to use it for TTS announcements and specifically, whether when using it with TTS I need to setup something called "Assistant Relay" on another device. Something I'd prefer to avoid if it's not needed, of course.

You will need to set up another relay (I think) if you want TTS on the google speaker. Sorry. I was not sure that was a requirement when I answered.

Google Assistant Relay is the way to use TTS in the Google Assistant native voice, but you’re going to be able to use it as a speaker to “cast” TTS via the native voices built in to Hubitat soon. You can also use VLC Thing to Cast Hubitat native TTS too, but the integrated will be the best cast method when it’s available.

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OK. Got it.
So my options for TTS announcements, at this stage are;

  1. wait until the the "cast" ability is available natively in Hubitat.
  2. Use Google Assistant Relay or VLC Thing via another device (rPi, NAS etc)
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Yes, but I run VLC Thing myself and it's temperamental. One little change is doesn't like and the cast function stops working. You can get it working again easy enough, but it's a pain. I'm looking forward to native so I can shut down VLC Thing.

It should be close, I think.

My personal preference is Google Assistant Relay (version 1 only one working with @ogiewon 's HE driver right now). Assistant Relay not only gives you TTS, but you can also send silent commands to anything that Google Assistant can control or you can send a silent command and get a verbal response. I'm using it to control my August lock and I used it to control my Halloween automations recently. It's a very valuable tool to me.

Old thread is old, I know - has this been rolled out and I'm too stupid to figure it out? I have GH linked to my HE, but I see no obvious way to add my Home's (the physical speaker things) to HE.

You mean you want to do TTS (Text To Speech) with your Google Home?

If so, then yes it’s available, but still considered beta. You just need to install the Built-In app called Chromecast Integration (beta).