Good outdoor outlet option?

I've got a few of the older GE Z-wave outlets (made by Jasco). They're not Zwave Plus. I'd like to replace them with something that IS Zwave Plus, but Inovelli stoped making theirs (think I saw something to do with their former partner).

Anyone have any good options? I've seen something on Amazon that looks like one of the old Inovelli units, which I assume is their old partner making something.

I'd like to avoid another Jasco product since they don't release firmware updates... and don't seem to care to in the future.

Inovelli once mentioned that they had one planned for later this year, but I don't see it anywhere on their 2020 roadmap now:

However, I can say I bought one of the newer GE ones (Z-Wave Plus--there are at least to versions, the rounder new version and the square old one; can't remember the difference but all I really cared about was that it was Plus). I only use it seasonally, but it works fine for me. The only other one I've used was an older-generation Aeon Z-Wave (non-Plus) smart plug that was rated for outdoor use if protected from the elements. I haven't seen a lot in general that are rated for outdoor use, though I see GE/Jasco has a few others, including a dual-plug variety.

I know GE doesn't have a history of doing firmware updates on their products (or even adding features in newer hardware revisions--so many products support scenes now, so you think they might at least brag up the nearly-secret double-tap on their switches/dimmers...). However, an outdoor smart plug is a pretty simple product, and if it works fine for me now, I can't imagine what I would expect from a firmware update if I'm happy with it already. I really think this is true for most devices--aside from a few manufacturers who occasionally release firmware updates with new features (Zooz and Inovelli come to mind--and these are usually for products that are more featured to begin with), I can't imagine what I'd expect here or why I might even want to update if one did become available. Just my two cents on that. :slight_smile:

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Firmware update of what? on/off? Kinda hard to screw that up and need a firmware update to fix it.


You're not wrong. But it's more Jasco as a whole, not necessarily the outdoor outlet specifically.

Jasco, like other vendors don't generally provide firmware to consumers as that's more of a "professional" type thing to do the install of. Yes there are ways to do it with various systems now but it was a historic professional installer function. I get why they did that and still do as to prevent consumers from bricking devices and then ranting on the internet how "vendor" firmware ruined their switches all 12 of them because they used the same version on all of their switches even though that firmware was for a very specific version and not compatible with the other switch that was the exact same model number but was already running a tiny version different and now it's a brick....

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Just found new Jasco option (Gen2).

Might have to give it a shot... I mean, they're reliable stuff. =/

Except they don't even supply to professionals/hub vendors. They said that that was what they did, but I could find no evidence that a hub existed (Wink, Vera, ST, etc) that would update Jasco stuff. =/

I've never had a need to contact Jasco to get a firmware update. If I did then they would have to provide it or replace the device if the firmware was a "functional" issue.

Most vendors don't update firmware unless there's a "need".


I don't know if this will work for you. My outdoor receptacle is a normal duplex in a waterproof box/cover. It enters my cellar through conduit. The conduit terminates in a box in my cellar where I have a GFI and run Romex to my panel.

If you have or can have a similar situation you could use a Homeseer
HS-WS200+ Wall Switch (rated for appliances)

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Now THAT's a device you need firmware updates for! :slight_smile:

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I have tried. They basically say "buy a new unit". I have multiple of their products and can see firmware diffs between them. There was talk of them releasing firmware updates a few years back so they could push out the updates related to expired patents for scene control. It never happened. Not really wanting to argue this. I get it. And I'm not saying "No" to Jasco, I'm just looking to see if there are other options. It doesn't seem like there are...

Unfortunately not really. The Inovelli is gone... you could run Insteon :slight_smile:

There's a few Wifi outdoor units but that's a whole different set of problems.

yup. that's what I'm seeing. Shame Inovelli didn't make a new product. Odd Zooz doesn't make anything.

The Jasco Gen2 looks at least better than the previous model(s)... might give one of those a shot.

I definitely see a couple options that LOOK like the old Inovelli design but from different manufacturers. Either clearly knockoffs, or their former partner.

I agree this is odd.

I have one or two of the GE Z-Wave Plus outdoor units. They work on/off so that's all I can ask of them.

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I have one of the Zwave plus outlets, and 2 more of the non-Plus. I'm not SUUPER happy with the plus one as I could never tell if it was properly relaying from my old schlage lock, but haven't had issues since I replaced my lock with a Yale.

don't mention those around Hubitat... it's a bad word...


lol. I know. That's why I finally bit the bullet and replaced them.

Only for some people. Mine have been nearly flawless.


Yup. Seems to be firmware related, or distance from hub, or other devices... or most likely all of the above. One of mine worked fine. The other slowed down my whole zwave mesh and hub. Been very happy with my Yale's