Good morning. Myq and other community intergrations?

I just got a hub yesterday. I’m fairly sure myq can be added but I don’t understand how to search or add community intergrations. Can someone point me in the right direction?

the program

  1. Click on the link: GitHub - thoward1234/Hubitat-myQ: Hubitat Implementation of myQ
  2. Click on myQApp.groovy and then click on the Raw button.
  3. Press Ctrl+a and then Ctrl+c that will select all and copy.
  4. The following will walk you through adding an App to Hubitat: Apps Code - Hubitat Documentation
  5. Go back to: GitHub - thoward1234/Hubitat-myQ: Hubitat Implementation of myQ

Take a break here to understand how the next part will work. The MyQ API does not let us know if the garage is open or close. The MyQ API will only allow us to send a close command or an open command. Because of this, we need to use our own sensor to know the status of the garage.
The Next step depends on whether or not you will be using a sensor.
If you do not a have a sensor, then there will be different steps.

Assuming you have a sensor:

  1. Click on myQDevice.groovy and then click on the Raw button.
  2. Press Ctrl+a and then Ctrl+c that will select all and copy.
  3. The following will walk you through adding a Device to Hubitat: Drivers Code - Hubitat Documentation
  4. Under the App Code Documentation, there were instructions to load the App. If you haven't done so, do so now.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the App.

If you don't have a sensor and need further help with those steps, let us know.

Thank you buddy

Curious, does home assistant achieve this?

No idea

Here's a partial list:

Also, search the forums for the device you want to add to HE.

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I contacted the homebridge plugin developer, he said hubitat definitely could do the same. I just think we need to wait until hubitat grows a little bigger and have more free lance developers. I’ve noticed a lot of those communities have a bunch of professional programmers that work on plugins on the side, especially home assistant.

I appreciate you taking the time to document installing the myQapp.groovy and the mQdevice.groovy driver (I do have sensors). I was able to install a virtual switch using the device driver just fine. When I attempt to install the app, and select it from the users app list, it starts fine. Then, it asks me for my username and password, and the type of device (Chamberlain). Once I press "next" it bombs, and the logs are saying there's an error on line 922. Any thoughts on what I must be doing wrong?? Thank you!

Chamberlain changed the MyQ API, so the app you downloaded no longer works.

Use this one, ported from ST by @dman2306 instead:

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aaiyar, THANK YOU so much for the quick reply, and the advice on where I could find the new app and device driver code. I installed both, and the Chamberlain MyQ is working like a champ! I really appreciate the community spirit that we Hubitat users share.



Ashok, I installed the API that you recommended that dman2306 posted, and it was working flawlessly for a few days. Once signed in with MyQ credentials, the app added virtual devices for both my wife's door and mine. Whether we were using the My Q app or the remotes in our car to open our doors, the virtual switches were updating, and driving a rule I created in RM4 to turn on lights in our mud room if either door was opened between sunset and sunrise. Pretty straight-forward, but it prevents us from stumbling through an unlit room on our way to / from the garage. Last night, it didn't work, so I checked the device sensor for my door, which should have been the trigger. The door was still up when I checked, but the device status showed the door as being closed. Thinking it may have "missed" a refresh from My Q Lite, I lowered the door again, then opened it manually. Nothing! Then I tried my wife's door, and still nothing. The My Q app correctly reports the door condition (open / closed) but the device in Hubitat doesn't change status at all, regardless of whether we're opening on the app or by pushing the buttons in your garage. So... Do you think that perhaps Chamberlain changed the My Q API again to prevent home automation hubs from communicating? Again, it was working fine for the first few days, right up until last night, and I've done nothing with my device list or apps that would have impacted it. Sorry to be a PITA, but you were in the know bout the first change, so I thought I'd run it by you. Thank you!

Which device is this? The sensor directly paired to Hubitat that you use to monitor the door?

If so, make sure it is still paired to Hubitat.

The MyQ API hasn't changed, eliminating that possibility as underlying this issue.

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