GoControl Z-Wave Schedule Issue

I am using the Thermostat App to control my GoControl Z-Wave unit.

Here is the configuration:

Here is this morning log for the thermostat:

I have set the thermostat to "Auto" and also try to "Heat". In both cases, the scheduler does not seem to set the temperature properly. I see the "z-wave" connected icon on the physical device. I can go in the device section of Hubitat to set a heating temperature and it works. I've clicked "Configure" on the device in Hubitat after setting a schedule.

My problem is that at 6am it is supposed to set the heat temperature to 73F but it sets it up to 68F. Why?

I have the go control also. There is a minimum spread between the temps that the thermostat will enforce. Thermostat scheduler will always send both the cool setpoint and the heat setpoint to the thermostat. So, when the cool setpoint is sent, since it is sent second, it will force your heating setpoint to be lower than what was intended. THe minimum spread can be lowered on the thermostat but it cannot be removed. You also can't force Thermostat scheduler to only sent the setpoint for the mode it is in. There used to be an option to force a minimum spread in Thermostat Scheduler but it stopped working with on of the recent updates. Here is the thread where I discuss this with @bravenel

There was never a resolution to this issue. I wrote my own version of Thermostat schedule to get around this problem.

Thank you for your response Ryan.

Does it mean that if I set a cool temperature way off (for example 10F difference) and set the thermostat to heat only that the heat setpoint will be respected?

Yes, that should work.

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I tested and it worked!

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