GoControl thermostat and Hubitat app options

Presently I'm using a Sensi wifi thermostat but interested in purchasing a Gocontrol CGTBZ48 zwave thermostat. I've read and reread all comments in the community concerning this thermostat, but basically all are relate to which driver to use. I'd use the native Hubitat app and would like to know which options it allows. Can I create a heat and cooling schedule, and if so, if i manually change the temperature at the thermostat, will it resume at the next scheduled time? Also, if I have the Alexa skill installed on the Hubitat hub, will , like other devices, can I include the GoControl to be recognized by Alexa so, by voice command, i can raise and lower the temperature. An important concern, if the hub goes offline, what happens to the temperature setting.

Finally, if anyone has any tips to install and pair the unit to Hubitat, i'd greatly appreciate it. One post stated to install the batteries and check the settings BEFORE attaching it to the thermostat wiring pad.

To my knowledge, you can't do schedules in that thermostat. It is basically a dumb non-programmable thermostat, but with zwave plus (which I LOVE, but that certainly isn't for everyone).

That said, you can definitely use Thermostat scheduler in Hubitat to make thermostat schedules.

If scheduling from the hub, if the hub goes offline the thermostat stays at whatever the last mode and setpoint it was last commanded to.

I don't know the answer to Alexa, as I don't use it. I know it works in Google Home, but even there I never raise/lower setpoints by voice so couldn't say whether that works or not.

Can't help there, mine all have a C Wire / no batteries.

Much appreciate your quick reponse. I did forget to say, I dont have the common wire, so the thermostat will be run only by batteries


Just wanted to add - the Honeywell T6 pro zwave+ thermostat, also supported by Hubitat, let's you store schedules on the thermostat.

So, if the hub goes down, scheduled changes will still occur.

Also, the Alexa Hubitat skill doesn't support thermostats right now. However, there's ways around it.

Thank you, I will look into the Honeywell thermostat also as an option

The T6 Pro is definitely a better overall thermostat.

I couldn't use it in my applications, that, as you can only bias the temperature reading by +/-3 degrees, and I needed a wider range than that. But I bias my thermostats off of remote temperatures in Hubitat, which is a very specific need.

It's this one:


Also works with just batteries or a C-wire. Or both. Available online for $80-100. Supports up to 3H/2C.

Yup - I was the temperature offset range was so small. I think it was 10 deg F with my old ecobee3. OTOH, the temperature sensor was way more accurate than the one on my ecobee3. I had to adjust it by just a degree, whereas the ecobee3 was adjusted by 4 degrees in the same location. The RH sensor is also more accurate than the one on my ecobee3.

This works in google home but does not work for alexa for any thermostat.

Is it possible, with the current Hubitat app for the Gocontrol thermostat, that I would be able to create a rule in RM that whenever everyone leaves the house, that the temperature can be reduced in heat mode and raised A/C mode ?

Just trying to convince myself its worthwhile installing a z wave thermostat verse just keeping my WiFi Sensi thermostat

You can set schedules in Thermostat Schedule by mode as well. What you are describing would fit perfectly with "Away" mode.

To be clear, the app is for all thermostats. Not just the Go Control. The app doesn't really care what kind of thermostat it is.

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Perfect! Thanks so much and appreciate the clarification concerning the Hubitat thermostat app.

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Most welcome!

@Ryan780 has answered that already (and accurately).

Just wanted to point out that with momentary virtual switches and RM, you can use Alexa to nudge the temperature up/down, set any thermostat to a pre-determined temperature, etc. etc. I really haven't missed direct Alexa control of my thermostat after switching from an ecobee3 to a z-wave thermostat.

I continue to use RM with a bunch of Konke temp/RH sensors to control the thermostat (much like ecobee's remote sensors), my HVAC run profiles haven't changed (recorded using Sense), and it is great not to be cloud dependent any more.

I actually bought some of @JasonJoel's old ecobee remote sensors when he switched to all local control, and here we are, less than a year later I've unloaded them (and my ecobee3) on eBay and switched to local control. Should've just done what he did then - being cloud independent is way better.

Thanks to all who have had the patience to explain the ins an outs of a z wave thermostat and how Hubitat intergrates with it. Definitely switching my wifi thermostat over and getting off cloud dependency.

The virtual switch idea for Alexa and using RM to set temps with MODE sold me!

As always, thumbs up to a GREAT community

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I have 2 of the CGTBZ48, got them off eBay for $15 a piece (scratch that, I paid $25 after looking back at eBay).

As mentioned by another these are basically "dumb" thermostats unless paired with a hub. Originally had them paired with Wink, then transitioned to HE. In either case, the schedule is created at the Hub, and the CGTBZ48 is "told" what to do. It will run the last command until the Hub restores, should it lose connection for whatever reason.

When I have needed to manually change a temp, mode, etc. right on the thermostat, upon the next command via schedule from the hub, it goes back to your desired state.

In my case, I have a Heat/Cool (low/high temp) schedule set. Basically I cool my house starting at 10pm through to 9am down to 68°. From 9am to 10pm it sits Idle unless the temp goes above 78°, then it cools to 78°. Schedule is set year round, currently in AZ the Heat has only come on a handful of times to maintain at 68°. In the summer, that's a different story....

Mine are both c wire, but I did initially one of mine up via battery, with no issue. The other I wired up and then paired, still no issue. Not sure why you would need to program "before" wiring. I do know though that for whatever reason you are not supposed to run them in tandem (c wire AND battery), maybe that was someone's concern.

I cannot speak to Alexa either, as I run Google, but it does work so unless there is some specific issue blocking it, I would imagine it would work with Alexa.

Appreciate that. Always good to hear from someone that has that particular model.

May I ask, since you bought it used, was there anything special you had to do, like unpairing or any resets in the thermostats menu?

Honestly, while they were on eBay, and seemingly that would imply used, these just appeared to be open box. They still had the factory "sticker" on them, batteries were sealed up, screws and anchors were in bags, etc.

That said, to be safe, I did go through to make sure they were in the default state, meaning they show a particular Node ID if in a factory state. Both still showed the default, so I just went ahead and paired. The manual is pretty straight forward though, and doing a z wave unenroll is as easy as HE makes it, so if you did go the eBay route and got one used I wouldn't imagine it would be an issue, unless the device was borked,.

In my rental condo I recently moved out of before buying my house there was a Nest. I would have loved to get 2 for the new house, but that kind of money was better spent elsewhere. Since I don't touch either thermostat unless absolutely necessary, I am more than happy with my purchase especially getting them for just over $30 with shipping\tax.

One last question. Can you control these thermostats when your away? Can you use Dashboard somehow to raise or lower your thermostat settings. Thanks again for your comments