Gledopto Driver

Guys anyone has success with this one in HE?

I have it working through HUE/smarthings but is bit flak.
So wandering if anyone was able to link this directly to HE.

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flak as in dropping connection to Hue bridge and ST Hub? If that's the case then I think it will be the same on HE.
Have you tried pairing it to HE and use the Generic zigbee RGBW driver? Maybe give it a try porting over the DTH from ST as well.

I have these paired with my hue bridge and they are rock solid. They will fall behind in a complex fast color change sequence, but I feel like thats just what you get with things that cost 1/3 the price. Normal slow color transitions work perfectly and they tie into all my other automations.

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I'm suspecting that they are flaky with the strip I have on them.

Need to test another strip

I would leave the light with the Hue bridge and have the bridge integrates with HE instead. They could ruin your zigbee mesh if they are flaky repeater and direct pair with HE.

This was the case in ST

Interested in how these work with HE as I have been looking at them to integrate with some cheap 16ft RGBW strips I got at Walmart for $4.88.

Direct pairing wouldn’t affect the Zigbee mesh correct?

If they pooched they mesh on ST, they will do the same on HE.

Thank you for the info Mike.

Hmmm... wonder if it’s a worthwhile $35 trial and error?

What other similar cost effective products are there to do the same thing?

You can buy a Hue bridge v2 on eBay for around $25.

I have four of these with another couple to be setup. They are paired direct to HE even though I have a hue bridge as eventually I will get rid of the Hue. For me they are rock solid without issue. I have and aim for zwave devices. A couple of hue globes and switches as well as the Gledopto controllers is all the zigbee I have. No issues what so ever.

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Why are you getting rid of the HUE? Just curious as it is one of the most stable things at my home. Even though as I only use it as a relay for the lights.


Why the preference? I'm currently on the other spectrum have only one zwave the rest is zigbee. Again just curious and trying to understand why people prefervone to the other

Thank you for sharing your experience with these. Can you post the specific one you have? They have several versions on Amazon.

I’d like to splice the strips I have into something like this. The ones I bought have the pins to a WiFi USB dongle. When I saw them at Walmart for $4.88, I knew that was cheaper then what I saw them online, just also knew I might have to modify them to work with a controller.

There is another thread recently about RGBW controllers and strips, but I picked up 5 of these so I need to mess around with controllers right now.

The one's I have look like this

Thanks! Those look like the ones I have on my list, except RGBW.

I may pick up one soon and test it.
If I can cheaply implement some LED strips in the kitchen that would be awesome.

I also have the rgbw-CT but bought from Aliexpresa.
They have very interesting products there:
GLEDOPTO Official Store

Don't forget you need an dc adapter for this

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I don't see any benefit in the hue hub. I can connect the hue devices directly and perform what I need. Note: My hubitat is much more stable than the hue hub.

I just see z-wave is a more secure professional home automation network. zigbee is open sourced. I know of others that went zigbee and slowly moving over to z-wave due to network issues.

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I actually have them all :-). Have a read of this:

They work flawlessly.
I purchase them from here:
Any 12 or 24V LED strip should work fine with them.


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I am considering trying the garden lights also but a little expensive to do the area I have.

I would like to see the flood lights come down in prices also.

Hi, I'm brand new here so sorry if this is a dumb question or is posted in the wrong place. I just got an HE and Gledopto RBG+CCT controller, and the system is working very well EXCEPT that I cannot control saturation. That is, either the white lights are on, or the RGB are on, but there is no way to mix the two.

When I first turned on the Gledopto controller, before connecting it to the HE, it had both white and color LEDs turned on at the same time, so it seems to be capable. Is there something that I can do to make this work? I'm using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

Thanks for any help!