Gledopto Driver

Can't help all my lights are through Philips Hue

How about try the generic RGB driver instead of RGBW ?

Hmm, I tried the RGB driver but then the white LEDs do not show up at all. But I realized that my original question was a bit off. The saturation actually does work - it modifies the colors from the RGB LEDs - but it does not utilize the white LEDs. Should the white LEDs ever be used in conjunction with the RGB LEDs, or are they supposed to always be separate?

In Theory it should be separate.
I know that for example Philips hue does not uses the white channel and generates the white with this driver. It uses the rgb to generate the white. End ups being a very bluish white.

But when I had connected to ST it did use the white channel. So not sure.

Sorry to revive a stale thread, but this seems like the most appropriate place to post my question.

Is there some sort of trick to pair the Gledopto RGBW LED Controller (2ID) to HE? I can get the Controller into pairing mode sometimes after the weird 5x power sequence, and HE sees the 2IDs, but never completes initialization.

Any thoughts?

Sorry all my lighting is through hue.
They pair flawless with hue.

anyone have any further updates on this? I’m interested in connecting a 5 channel RGBWW controller directly to my HE. It says it is zigbee 3.0, which I think should help avoid the mesh issues with ZLL vs ZHA, correct?

does this work with the generic zigbee rgbw driver?

@keithcroshaw are you still using these?

just wanted some input before I go climbing around in my attic to replace my other controller.


I use these with the Hue Bridge. I only have one Hue light, but a bunch of these.

hi. Did you use the color bulb option in HE or are you connecting this controller to HUE?

i just got one of these too but i can't get the colors to change.
When i set up the device, there seems to be 2 options: Color Temp and Level. My experience is that color temp is just for the white ( warm white, bright light, daylight...etc)

When i set up the device on the dash board, a dimmer works for level, but when i choose color bulb, no matter what setting i choose i can't get it to control the color.
the options i have are:

  • Pick a color.....which doesnt change anything
  • level...which does seem to change the light level ( intensity?)
  • Color Temp...which just seems to change the white LED on the strip.

I have tried 2 different strips but they are from the same difference.
The unit only cost me 30 dollars so a trial is no big deal and i'm sure i can use it somewhere where i can vary the level of white light somewhere in the house but it would be great to figure how to really change the color on this unit...if anyone has had any luck.
Appreciate any input.

@macdenewf changing strips will not change anything. Do you have them connected directly to Hue or HE?

Hi. I have the controller connected directly to HE. Thanks. Mac

I have not used that exact controller, but what happens when you manually change Hue. Put in 90. That should give you a purplish color.

Thanks. There actually isn’t a hue option. On the device page, all there is are level and color.
I wonder if I remove it then re-pair as a different device perhaps I’d get a hue menu option?

You can just scroll down to the bottom and select Generic RGBW bulb. You shouldn't have to re-add.

Edit: Generic Zigbee RGBW bulb

Thanks. Will try that.
Will give you some feedback later in the week.
Will be Friday before I get a chance to test now.

Is this the 2-ID model? Did you manage to get it paired eventually? For me it is only seeing the 1 channel (colour) and not seeing the other ID. This is also what I've understood from a recent thread on the Gledopto 2-ID, that it is recognised and supported by the Hue hub but not by Hubitat which only sees the RGB channel.

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Sorry to join the party so late. The 2ID model for me only paired as one device but from that device as long as you reference the other endpoint you can control the white channel. I poorly ported over some drivers for this. I will visit these drivers again some day but for now they're functional so it's low on the list of priorities. The only problem they have right now is there are some weird status updates and catchall messages that I don't handle so the log is really messy.

The drivers themselves are probably not named correctly. Gledopto is very confusing in this regard. Their aliexpress listings are not consistent in what the 2ID model is called. Their site... worse.

Anyway, here there are:

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Does HE has driver for Gledopto WW/CW smart control zigbee?

It seems that the page does not respond. I am very interested in being able to control RGB and CCT with a 2ID.