Getting My HE on Friday

Looking forward to moving on from Wink. My HE will not arrive until Friday....Is there anything I should do to make my transition go smooth before Wink pulls the plug tomorrow? I have a dozen zigbee smart bulbs and 3 Leviton plug modules?

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Wink extended their deadline by a week. :smiley:


Thanks for the info!! I was just on the Wink website but saw no mention of that.

They just sent an updated email maybe an hour or so ago. And it didn't go to spam mail this time.

Just saw the email....It was in my spam folder!!

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If you haven't already check that they are on the supported devices list or confirm there are community drivers for them. Most Zigbee is fine but some have quirks. I don't know anything about Leviton plugs.


Don't forget about the large amount of community drivers:


Thanks for the info.

For my 3 Leviton dimmer plugs, they were detected as fan speed controllers, and I had to change them to Generic Z-Wave Dimmer to work, a solution found in this forum, of course.

It's true.. Hubitat makes a best guess.. which is 'this far' from being perfect. :smiley: Hubitat compares the 'fingerprint' against an internal table and finds the closest match. Sometimes, as time marches on, devices are 'improved' and they have different fingerprints.

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Thanks for the advice!

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Oh, another thing. I had a different adventure with doing a factory reset on every device I have. The last one was a Leviton dimmer, and I first held down the button until it went thru every flashing light combo possible, then let go. I went to my computer and started it scanning for Z-Wave, then went back to the Leviton dimmer and hit the button ONCE, and it changed from green to red. When back at my computer seconds later, it had found the device. Pretty sure that's the exact order I did it in, when it finally worked, lol. Backing up even FARTHER - I deleted every item from first Wink, then from Alexa, before I started trying to add anything to Hubitat.

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