Get a list of all IP addresses for devices?

I've moved networks, and so all of my devices are now on a new subnet. I've modified a good number of the devices, but I was hoping to get some sort of dump/report/etc that would show me (minimally, I don't care if it contains other stuff) device name and IP address, so I can determine which devices I have yet to renumber.

I tried to look at a backup, but it seems that it is an encrypted H2 database and of course I don't have the encryption key. I'm not looking to edit the database, I just want to know which devices I have forgotten to update after the move to the new network.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time!

Assuming the IP address is stored either as an attribute or a data item on the device this might give you the list youโ€™re looking for:

try a DOS window (command prompt) and enter arp -a

arp, unfortunately, is not going to help me in this situation, as all of the devices are already on the new network, it's just that Hubitat doesn't have the new IP's configured inside of it's database.

run a network sniffer - Dude from Mikrotek - find and d/l the old 4.0 beta 3 for windows .

@cmoates Download Advanced Port scanner. It's very simple and will give you everything you want... And it's free

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