HE C8 using iPhone w/ios 17.5.1
Geofencing capabilities has always been squirrely with HE, but lately it seems to be getting worse. I use it in a number of rules to turn items on/off or set temp in the house. I also have notifications setup to report present/not present. Lately, I could be sitting at home and I get notified that I am no longer present, and when I open the iOS HE app and connect to the hub, all of a sudden it realizes that I AM present. Which starts triggering my rules. Most frustrating. I have tried a number of things in both iOS settings and HE, all to no avail. Yes, Location and motion for the iOS app is set to on/always. I have since moved important items to iFTTT to lend reliability. I have been trying to get away from cloud services, but now I am forced back to them :pensive:
Does anybody have ideas for improving HE's geotracking/geofencing?? Sign me as hopeful!

Have you tried the new app? It is in the final beta testing stages, so you shouldn't be running into major issues. The new app has enhancements to the presence sensing. If you don't feel like dealing with TestFlight updates, know that improvements are on the way and the new app will be publicly available soon.


Can confirm :slightly_smiling_face:.


@bobbyD - thanks, i installed the beta app and still have the released as well, since the beta did not write over it. Hopefully, it wont interfere with the beta version.
So far, the beta looks quite impressive and intuitive. Keeping my fingers crossed on the Geofencing reliability. Thanks for the input and quick response.

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It's a brand new app, built from the ground up, and it will not replace the existing app. They can coexist, however, keep in mind that depending on the mobile device choice that you have made during the new mobile app set up, you may run into problems with both presence sensor reporting and push notifications.

Thank you for the kind words. The new mobile app is the result of years of feedback we received from our customers. So kudos to everyone who provided valuable feedback over the years, like yourself!

I filled out a feedback in Tailwind for an issue, but don't know if it got to the correct folks.
Came home today and noticed that the HE iOS app said I was outside the geofence, clicked on the geofence tab on the app homepage which opened the geofence map, it stated that I was inside the geofence area!