Geofence says I’m out of the zone when I’m not

Not sure what’s going on but since the last update, my geopresence is almost never right. And when I get home it can take up to 30 minutes before Hubitat realizes I’m actually home. It’s pretty much useless not. Take a look at this screenshot.

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I wish that the Hubitat Dev team would take to the guys that do the Nexx Garage Door app. The Nexx app geofencing works flawlessly every single time. It’s amazing. Whatever they are doing, Hubitat needs to replicate it completely.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas.

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The most reliable way to geofence presence with Hubitat is to multiplex it. There are plenty of apps designed for that purpose: Combined Presence, Presence Governor, Presence Plus, Presence Central ....


Yup … I pretty much gave up on using the Hubitat app only for geofencing. Presence Governor is working well for me.

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I have been having problems also. If you’re using iOS and Homebridge you can create a virtual presence sensor and have the Apple Home app turn it on/off. That has been working for me.

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THanks guys I will look at those options. Super frustrating considering how well I KNOW it can work. I wish they would get this straightened out. I did a lot of searching before I posted and this seems to get a major issue for a lot of people. Sounds like their PM needs to get off his/her rear end and fix this.

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I just did a combined presence as well just today in preparation of a garage door automation. It's unfortunate that presence is so bucky, but I've also noticed this with life360 and alexa as well. And it's different for every person. Mine is maybe a minute behind, my husband is sometimes up to 10. So, it's not just apparent in Hubitat. But knowing that gps depends on a satellite and the posiiton plays a huge role in accuracy. Here in the midwest, it's low in the sky, so communication can be sketchy if you drive behind a tall building and you don't have wifi on. In the grand scheme of things, I'd rather see the developers fix the big issues and let the community developers help to solve the trivial. It's just an opinion, but for what I use presence for, I've decided that I want more than one thing verifying that I am where I am. Just an added benefit that there's apps out there to do it for me because I have absolutely no coding skills whatsoever. :grin:

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I had the same problem, but to be honest I have the same problem with other solutions (wink, ST) and even Alexa/Google Assistant.

As other mention above combining presence is the most reliable way to get this done.

Here is what I have setup where I use Alexa and the excellent Wifi Presence HE App

  1. I set up virtual presence switches using this excellent virtual driver.
  2. I have Alexa flip on a switch for myself and one for my wife when Alexa knows we have arrived or left via routines.
  3. I then the excellent "Combined Presence app" to define what is the minimum to say if I or my wife have left v.s. we have arrived.

Here is what the parent looks like;

*Note, I also have a manual switch called guest which I use to override if someone (like a grandparent or babysitter) is home and we are not.

And here is an example of an advanced child;

You can see how I have 'weighted' what triggers us coming home: Wifi detected OR Alexa
You can see how I have 'weighted' what triggers us leaving home: Alexa or it noticed Alex AND Wifi detected say false at the same time.

To top it off i then have the 3 inputs say if anyone is home (me, my wife and 'guest')

What I love about this is both the guest override AND by having "Someone Is Home" as a virtual presence switch, on my dashboard I can also always force "some is home" state manually by flipping that switch whenever I want, with confidence it will switch back off when we leave.

Hope this makes sense. This has been incredibly reliable for me, so much so I have abandoned the idea of getting Fobs for more physical checks (yay for my wallet!).


Excellent! This is exactly how I have mine set up.


Thanks to you and your two awesome apps @jwetzel1492.
I really appreciate these!


Awesome! Did the same and my problems are solved. Thanks