Geofence problems

Latest beta app, been running it since it’s release date worked fine for 2 weeks and now the last 6 days the geofence is not working. Have a motion lighting ( that’s been the same for years ) in garage. Turns on lights, if motion detected and I’m outside of geofence it sends “garage motion”. Last 6 days, it just keeps sending me garage motion notifications ( while I’m in the garage ). This same ( nothing changed ) Rule worked Mostly fine with a few “glitches” in the past of reporting while I’m in the garage. But never to the extent it’s now doing it. I’m getting 40 “dings” an hour on my device.

Do you have the app open in background, or did it close? I know sometime my wife's phone reboots and she does not reopen that app and complains days later about not getting notices. Not sure if same for Geo-fencing just a tought.

While not perfect, here is what I'm using for Geo-fencing which has worked really well.
The best part about it is you can combine even more sources including the Hubitat app if you wish.

TBH, by biggest problem right now is Alexa also isn't super reliable on iOS.

I've been going back and forth with presence as almost everyone else, but actually Locative have been pretty solid latly for my wife and her iPhone. Maybe this could be a second... or fifth alternative?