Geofence lost?

I no longer have pin on the maps. I know i don't have my gps on right now just to show there is no drop pin.

Log out, close the app and log back in. You should get the pin back, but geofence still doesn't work.

Also in this this thread linked, it was mentioned that the Pin was in the middle of Africa for some reason so confirm you are not seeing the pin somewhere else on the map. You would then need to drag it to your correct location.
Geofence is working perfect for me on build 128 but that is currently the beta version.
More details in this thread.

Did the reset and still nothing. Check the full map and don't see a pin.

Any Thoughts. I Might of deleted the Pin trying to reset it a while ago but now can't reset it.

Problem was the phone. They must of did an update.

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