Geofence for 2 separate locatios

I have two Hubitats located geographically in two different states. I would a. Geofence for each separate location for my phone. How can I do this? Thanks.

There are a few geofence applications that would allow you to report more than one phone locations to the Hubitat hub.

Geofency is the one I use but there are multiple others.

You can do that w/the new Owntracks integration...

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Thanks. It looks like this is only available for Apple devices. I have an Android phone. If it is available, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

Is Owntracks available on Android?

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Owntracks is available for Android. There's an Android battery optimization section in the first post.

I don't know if you use dashboards but another option would be to us this:

It's an unbelievable dashboard, first and foremost, but he added presence and it has been incredibly reliable for me. It also allows for 2 locations to be set.

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You'll find the Owntracks integration is quite robust...the author developed it in part as a replacement for Life360. You can have multiple phones if you want to include family members, and create notifications for entering/exiting as many locations as you like, etc.

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