Geofence broke in 1.6.4 through 1.67

Versions affected:

1.6.4 build 117
1.6.5 build build 118 (beta)


After updating geofence initially works but when you have to refresh your token (log out and log in) breaks geofence

The app shows:
Currently out of geofence

lat: 0.0
long: 0.0

Rolling back to build 1.6.3 build 114 resolve the issue.

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Same here.
I am a new Hubitat user. Over the weekend installed the app on my Samsung S8+ and has johoon1 says, there was no pin appearing on the map and no circle for sizing the fence. After a few hours of troubleshooting and checking every location setting on my phone I gave up.
Saw this post and downgraded to 1.6.3 and now Geofence is working for me.

I've got 1.6.4, build 117 and mine is still fine and working.

Mine finally started working with this build. First time in aout 2 years.

Confirmed, does not work on version 1.6.4

This morning I found that my phone updated itself back up to 1.6.4 build 117 and Geofence is still working!
Even though i originally installed and reinstalled 1.6.4 and Geofence did not work until i downgraded.

Yes same boat here. (Android)

I feel like it was working for me after the up date, then this morning the app had logged me out, and I had trouble connecting (something about unable to resolve the name domain name or something like that). eventually I was able to login again, however there was no geofence circle or pin, and so it reported I was outside even when it was not.

I played with the geofence size slider, toggled geofence off and on, and even force stopped the app. As noted above the debug information shows:

currently outside of geofence
 lat: 0.0
 lon: 0.0
 rad: 100.0


I've had same issues with Geofence not working. Where's the apk for 1.6.3? Or the previous build than 1.6.4 117.

Geofencing was working (1.6.4) but I logged out of Hubitat mobile, then logged back in and geofencing did not come back.
I restarted my phone, re-enabled geofencing and still did not have a geofence circle on my phone (Samsung S8).

Hey @Hubitat_Staff , do we have an update on this issue? I also opened request 24201. I have this issue on two different phones.

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Have you tried uninstall/reinstall? I had the same issues. In/reinstall solved it. Mind you presence still is only about 70% accurate. I still have plenty of times that it doesn't register me arriving. I have yet to have a problem with it seeing me leave. The problem is arriving back inside the geo fence. I have also had issues where it SAYS I'm inside the geofebce, but it still shows me as away.

Near as I can tell, there still is no single good, solid solution to presence with habitat. Until then you best be will probably be one if the presence aggregators.

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a reinstall does not solve the problem for me. Only rolling back to 1.6.3 gets geofence working again.

Figured i would look but they seem to have released 1.6.4 build 118 (not sure if it is beta only...) but i can say build 118 fixes my phone. Now i need to update the wife's (assuming it is not in beta).

Not sure why Support did not post the build update anywhere or notify me on the ticket.

Thank you lcw731 for the reply.
Yes, I have un/reinstalled several times, checked the power settings for the app, and turned GEO on and off several times, and the geofence circle does NOT appear anywhere.
I have tried it on 4 tablets and 1 phone (samsung s8).
The problem happens if I log out and try and log back into the app, the geofence never comes back, and the log (on the app) indicates that I am out of geofence and lat/long are both 0, although the radius does update.

The one device I have NOT logged out of is another tablet, and it is still working, but is in my car and is not a cell phone (only bluetooth and wifi), so it stops reporting when I drive away from home (because it looses wifi).

If I enable tethering on my phone (to provide the cell connectivity), the goefence works, but that is NOT the solution!

I noticed there is an updated version (1.6.5), so I am going to try that.
Thanks for your idea though!

there is a 1.6.5 up now!!!! Going to give it a try.

Why is it that when I log out in the app, then log back in, a new device is created in the hub???

Actually, I mis-read the verison. I did install 1.6.5 build 118. But when I log out and back in Florence no longer works. Seems we still have an issue here.

It also look to be a beta because I don't see it for my wife's phone.

AHHA!!! You have the same problem I am fighting now about logging out and back in.
Here is what the debug log indicates:

I am going to stop fighting this problem until a fix happens! I am getting frustrated FAST!

plus, I notice that when I close the app,, the geofence indicator on the notification bar (top) disappears, so I don't think the geofence is staying on, even though it is supposed to be running in the background.

YES!!! I downgraded to 1.6.3 and IT WORKS NOW!!!!
So much for the "latest and greatest"!
I didn't do ANYTHING either in my phone settings!
It just worked!
DEFINATLEY something wrong with 1.6.4 and later!