Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor Driver - Humidity Offset

There was a prior feature request ask for this, but I didn't see anything come of it and it's now closed.

I have a few Zigbee humidity sensors that are off and unfortunately the driver doesn't allow offsets or reference humidity as it does for temperature. Could this be added? It seems like it would be pretty straightforward. I would be happy to make the change if the generic drivers were open sourced :slight_smile:

I've worked around this in a few places (rules, etc.), but it becomes harder when I started to integrate in other places (Homekit integration, InfluxDB export, etc.).


The most of the humidity sensors that I have seems to have a measurement accuracy of about 5% (even if the device has a resolution of 0.1%!).

So the request to add an +/- offset is reasonable for me. It will not fix the eventual linearity error, but will be OK near the relative humidity value of interest, used for switching fans, dehumidifiers, etc..

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Yeah the one that I would like to adjust most is off by about 11-12%. It generally follows the others from a curve perspective. I have no issues with +/- a few % and the fact that you can't map the sensors to a curve.


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