Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

In a future update please add the battery capability for the tilt sensor to this driver. Driver is working great with my GDOOZ-6 opener but I wish I could see the battery status like I could when I was using a custom driver on ST.

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Just a thought, but if you've got the skill, you could port that driver?

It's possible it's an RBoy DTH and thus can't be ported, legally.

Oh yeah. then that would make sense. Thought it might have just been something good someone wrote that was out there. that sucks.

I don't see where that device supports the battery command class.

This is from the z-wave alliance website.

COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY (0x80) isn't listed. Can you see on the device page that it includes 0x80? If you this RBoy driver, I'd be interested which command class he's pulling that info out from. (I don't think that piece of info would violate his rules.) In the parse method it should list the name of the z-wave command class that is being used to pull the battery level out.

(And for those that don't know, the power level command class has to do with signal strength on the network, nothing with "power" as we would think of it.)

Correct. RBoy DTH and even if I could understand what he wrote I'm not going to break the license terms. It isn't much of an issue but it would be nice to have.

It isn't classified information which command class the battery reports on. it's also not his device. It's against the usage terms to post the driver. Not to answer a question about it. You can find the same info from GoControl.

But I found another DTH on ST for the device. It doesn't report battery level. It only reports that the battery is low, via a custom z-wave event. So, what you would need to do is write a custom driver for this device specifically that uses that event. If anyone else is curious, the DTH from ST is here.

You can see the battery info on line 239.

This one (for ST) has the battery and I know it worked. It is a simple binary status.

I offered this info to @mike.maxwell hoping he would add it to the std driver.

Note that this wonky - it seems to only fire once, and it is not readable, so after changing the battery you need to hit a 'reset command' and then it will wait for the next time to tell you the battery is low...

I think that is the same one that I linked to. And again, that would mean that there would have to be a driver just for the GD00Z because this is not a standard method of performing that function.