"generic" temp & humidity sensor setup?

I bought some of these temperature & humidity sensors.


But I'm not able to determine the driver I need to use and the app they want me to download isn't seeing my Hubitat to count as a gateway. I have tried the generic temp/humidity ZigBee driver, but I can seem to get any temperature readings in return. Tried all the "temp/humidity" drivers but none seem to be reading data. By default they are setup with "device" driver.

Any ideas?

Also seen this page with same product

I've tried to look over this post, but I can't seem to get it to report.

I will need the device fingerptint to add it to the Tuya driver.

Switch to the HE inbuilt driver named 'device', then click on the 'Get Info' button, while trying to wake up the sensor at the same time - press the pairing button, or rapildly changethe humidity

Oddly enough I tried to use another of the 6 sensors and now all are working on the generic ZigBee temp Humidity driver.

That's a great news! :slight_smile:

Still, if you can provide the fingeprint, will be useful for me.

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This sensor is advertized as "....TH22 is a temperature and humidity sensor device with built-in SHT30 high-precision temperature and humidity detection chip"

Very few of the cheap Tuya sensors allow adjusting of the reporting intervals and the threshold settings for T/H. It will be interesting to understand if this sensor reporting can be configured or not.

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I tried to do that but don't know what I'm looking for or if I'm doing it right.

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That's what is needed, thank you!

Let me know when updated and I'll try out the driver updates

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