General information on Schlage (and other locks)

For a long time I've considered integrating locks into my automation. One reason is that I'd like to be able to remotely unlock a door in the event a medical emergency occurred at home permitting access for first responders. I've searched through many threads but it seems as though locks can be a particularly finicky device to get working reliably. I'm definitely not in favour of adding unpredictable holes in home security.

Generally speaking, I've always felt Schlage manufactured a solid product (I'm speaking about traditional, non-electronic locks). Yale I think is also reasonable, at least in their commercial line. My confidence in Kwikset just isn't there. Perhaps they have improved over the years, but when my brother was a locksmith, it was not a name associated with quality as much as cost.

Many people seem to be using Schlage from what I can tell, but none of their products are listed in the compatible devices document. I've also noticed many issues integrating them easily or without problems down the road.

So... what are the current thoughts on locks? Will Schlage ever be "officially" supported? What does everyone seem to use that has been trouble free? Cost is not my first concern, reliability and security is. If I can't put out the cash to afford the best solution, I'll wait until I can since there is no immediate need for me to jump on replacing them now.

Help and opinions are always appreciated.

Schlage is fully supported in Hubitat. I have one deadbolt directly connected to HE. My other two I have connected through Ring. I have no problems with either setup.

There is an app dedicated to lock access as well. Meaning you can add/delete user codes from HE.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, Schlage has too many firmware versions out in the wild, some of which don't play nice with Hubitat's C7 model, therefore they are not on the list of compatible devices. Check this post for other models that our users considered to be more reliable:

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Thanks for the replies, this is all helpful information. When I look at my needs and the information presented, I'm leaning toward Yale. I have a C-5 and C-7 hub but am currently not using the C-7. My initial plan is to use it for some development and testing, but down the road the C-7 will be a production device.

I've also been contemplating Zigbee versus Z-Wave and am thinking Z-Wave will be the choice. There are very few Zigbee devices in my network, but I have a very robust Z-Wave mesh.

I’m in your boat on a C5 with my C7 waiting.

I’ve been very very happy with the latest Schlage zwave plus models running against Hubitat. (I have strong repeaters between the hub and doors though)

I’ve also recommended the Schlage zigbee version to friends and they have found it to be super reliable on the generic zigbee lock driver.


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