GE Motion Switch 26931

Ok, bear with me please...

Just got this HUB in my hands and am trying to see if it will help me where the Smarthome Hub has failed.

I have the GE Motion Switch 26931 in my Master bathroom.

I have always wanted it to run such that motion will turn it on at a certain light level, (Evening or dark days). And have the motion turned off between 10:30pm and 5:45am.

Is someone willing to help me work my way through this?

Thanks in advance!

Does this motion switch have the ability to unlink the motion sensor such that it will report motion to the hub but not actually turn on the switch? You would see this as an option in the device screen.

Could look like this:

Assuming it does, you could create a rule in Basic Rules that turns on the light with motion at the specified level and set it to only work between your selected times.

Using @JasonJoel’s community driver you can use a rule to change occupancy vs manual. The stock driver only allows this via preference update which you cannot change via rule.

So for example you could have it set to occupancy during day but then change to manual at night so it doesn’t come on with motion. He has drivers for both the switch and dimmer but since you mentioned switch here is a link:

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Thanks, I'll play with it to see how it does.

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I see this is an older device on Amazon. I was thinking of getting one of these to replace my non-smart version in my garage. Does this device still work well, any similar or newer options, and still reliant on the depreciated community driver?

Still works well, and there are no other similar devices on the market. So if you want smart motion switch/dimmer, this is your only option.

EDIT: Well, there are these, but they are SUPER expensive (think ~$120+/switch / $150/dimmer by the time you buy the housing and modules... And they are out of stock until at least 4/2022. At that price it is cheaper to just buy the 269xx and replace it if needed in a few years...

My user driver is still fully supported, and there is a built-in driver for this device in the hub if you don't need the advanced functionality that the user driver provides.

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