GE Fan Switch + Dashboard?

I am moving from SmartThings to Hubitat (who isn't) and mostly it has been going okay and I have been able to get things working.

I have two GE Z Wave Fan Switches. I successfully moved them from ST to HE.
They were initially added using 'GE Smart Fan Control' device type. So I thought "Great! They are supported out of the box"
I then went to add them to a dashboard. Neither the fan template nor the dimmer template worked.
I then added a device type specific for these from another post in the forums. Now the dimmer template works, but the fan template does not.

Should it? If it should, what might I be doing wrong?

I would rather be able to say low/medium/high instead of setting a percentage that magically means that.

Here is an image from one of the devices:

And Device Info:

Device Details

Create Time 2018-12-21 10:57:34 AM CST
Last Update Time 2018-12-22 1:42:52 PM CST
Last Activity At 2018-12-22 1:43:06 PM CST
  • deviceType: 18756
  • inClusters: 0x26,0x27,0x70,0x86,0x72
  • deviceId: 12340
  • manufacturer: 99|

What else might be useful?

Thank you

The Dimmer Template didn't work for you? It did for me. Of course, I am using the native driver and you're using a custom one. When you say, "didn't work" what exactly are you seeing?

I also have two ge fan switches. The dimmer driver shouldn't work. Use the generic fan driver. Also, you need to pull your chain so that the fan is on high and leave it there. use the driver to set your fan speed defaults by percentage. There is a misconception that you can use a dimmer switch for your fan speed. They are very different. That being said, you can't use a dimmer driver on your fan switch and expect it to work. Could you elaborate more on your setup and driver. Please include screenshots.

He's not asking about the driver, he's asking about the template for the dashboard. Re-read the post and the title of the thread man.

Op my bad. Oversight. My apologies. I didn't associate that to dashboard because I don't use it. Forgive me.

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The Dimmer Template didn't work for you?

The dimmer template is the one that does work for me. The fan template does not.

I just tried the "GE Smart Fan Control" Driver again, and it works with the dimmer template now, so I must have done something wrong before. The only reason I even tried the custom driver was the native one didn't do anything.

Here is what it looks like with the dimmer template:

Here is what it looks like with the fan template:

When I am using the fan template, clicking on it has no feedback like there is when it is using the dimmer template.

Thank you

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The GE SmartFan driver only supports level, so switch and dimmer templates will work. The fan template supports a setSpeed which is not available in the GE SmartFan driver.

Does the driver in the post I linked to above work? If not, is there an example driver somewhere I could look at to update the custom driver?

Based on the screenshot above, the custom driver has setLevel() but it doesn't work either. Is there something else it is missing?

That driver uses lowSpeed, medSpeed, and highSpeed commands instead of setSpeed

To use the fan template in your dashboard, I would think that the driver would also need the Fan capability.

Oops, I missed the difference between setLevel() and setSpeed()

It seems like at this point, my best bet is to start over looking at a device handler that works with the fan template.

Does anyone know of a Z Wave fan device handler I could use as a starting point?

Thank you

The fan template shows you current speed, and when you tap it, it goes to the next highest speed, etc. There's no discrete speed selections, so if you wanted to go from low to off, for example, you'd have to hit the button 6 or 7 times to get there. Make a virtual fan control device and check that in the dashboard to make sure you like it before you go through the effort of trying to find or modify a driver.

You can also use a virtual fan device and then through rule machine set the dimmer level for the different speeds of the fan. That's what I did for my fan controller.

I realized that the GE ceiling fan switch doesn't work with the fan template in the dashboard, but only as a dimmer template, which is fine. I actually prefer the dimmer template just wish it had an image of a moving fan when it was on instead of a light bulb, but then I realize the dimmer template is suppose to be used with a light dimmer switch not a fan switch. Maybe Hubitat can add one in future updates, it would make total sense.

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