GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Motion Switch

Anyone try out these GE Motion Switches?
I'd like to get a few for the bathrooms and laundry room.

I have, oh I don't know.... Maybe 40 of them. I love them.

Realistically though, you need to ask why you want to smart switch there. If you always want it to turn on and off with motion, you can just get a dumb motion switch & save quite a bit of money.

I have a whole house of the regluar jasco z-wave switches and dimmers, but what about the 26931-p1 with motion? These just came out recently. I want it for other things, bathroom vents, the master bath TV etc... I already have regular cheepo motion sensor switches in there.

The 26931 (and 26933 dimmer) has been out for over 3 years. Not sure if there is something new/special with the "-P1" version, but I doubt it looking at the product page at

I mainly buy the 26933, but I do have a few 26931s too. There are in-box drivers in Hubitat, and custom user drivers with more functionality for them.

I think they have a zigbee version as well. Wonder if the response time is any different. They may not be release yet though. I can't seem to find them.

There's never been a zigbee version of these. I've always hoped they would make one, though.

Yea, I need to beef up my Zigbee mesh. I have 48 z-wave switches but only the hub and 2 plug receptacles for Zigbee powered. The rest of the Zigbee devices are on batteries.

Yup. I have a bathroom with two lights: bright lights over the sink, and a dim light in the ceiling over the shower. I put in a simple motion sensor switch, hooked up to the shower ceiling light, so that a dim light would come on if I stumble in there at night. This has mostly been great, and good enough.

However, I've found that my kids will hang towels in a way that blocks the motion sensor switch. I'd really like to involve a second motion sensor, and then I start thinking maybe I should turn on the bright lights during the day, and only the dim lights at night, and now I'm being impulsive and ordering hardware and re-wiring everything and here I go again... ¯\(ツ)

My daughter sticks tape on the motion sensor in her bathroom because she doesn't want it turning on at certain times. I'm always tinkering with something. Just ordered all the parts to upgrade my F150 from Ford Remote Connect to Fordpass since they are retiring the Remote Connect in December.

I have found the "beam motion" sensor getup under cabinets work well. Added a HSM300 to give night light and backup motion sensing when not at the entry way. Worked well for immediate on and no false off (wife hates that)

My wife hasn't ever given any feedback until I reworked the rules and messed up the laundry room rule and the light didn't come on. She came over to me while in a conference call and said wtf did you do to the lights. I had recently added an Envisalink to integrate the alarm sensors and deleted the rule to move it over to motion lighting app instead of rm4.

NYCE ceiling motion sensor is the best I've found in bathrooms.

could not agree more, they also report humidity...

I looked into them but we have 16 foot ceilings and don't want to be climbing a ladder in there to change batteries.

well... 5 year battery life. But yeah, that part can be annoying.

But they work perfectly, are very fast, and can't be blocked by a towel... lol

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No issue with it picking up hallway traffic not going to the bathroom when doors are open?

Depends on placement. Sometimes - yes.

I normally place them on the ceiling over the door, less than 3 inches from the wall the door is installed in.
You could also place them on the wall over the door, not on the ceiling...

I also need some more powered zigbee devices/repeaters before I go adding more battery powered devices.

Well, that's easy enough to do.... GE zigbee outlets if you want something in-wall, Ikea repeaters or outlets if you want plug-in and cheap. Etc.