Garage Open More Than 1 Hour, Siren

I have set a notification to let me know when I have left the garage doors open for noir than an hour. However the notification app only will send me a text and play a sound on devices I don’t have.

However I do have a Aeotec Siren and I would like it to sound and flash if the garage door is left open for 1 hour and clear when the door is closed or the siren is pressed.

Any ideas?


Rule Machine could handle this if your siren doesn't expose capabilities available to the Notifications app. Here's an example:

Trigger: Garage door changed


IF (Garage Door open) THEN
  Delay 1:00:00 (cancelable)
  On: Siren (or whatever)
 Cancel Delayed Actions 

Depending on your device and preferences, you may need to add some sort of "siren off" action to the ELSE section.


What did you use to do this? The notifications app?

Looks like that's what they said. You can read more about the Notifications app here if you are not familiar: Notifications - Hubitat Documentation

There are some additional features (repeated notifications) coming in the next version, but you can always use Rule Machine for more complicated actions as suggested above (though this one isn't really complicated, just apparently a device without capabilities that the Notifications app can use directly).

Yes. Tried in Rule Machine. Just can’t get it to work.

Thanks but I can’t get it to wait. Just goes off if I open the garage. Doesn’t wait the hour and still goes off if I close it after opening it.

Rule machine open says when opened. No when opened for an hour.

I am trying.

Please post a screenshot of your rule. I use a rule almost identical to the one posted by @bertabcd1234 and it works as designed.

I second the idea of providing a screenshot of your rule. Be sure to include both the triggers and actions section. It sounds likely you might be missing the "Cancel" flag on the delay and possibly something else.

I'd also suggest trying the "notifications app" and setting the audio notification to your Siren.
My Dome Siren when using this kind of native T2P does one of the alarms as a default instead of the speech.

I haven't tried this in a while to make sure it's still working, but happy to if you need confirmation.

Here is my Notifier

So are you not getting the text notification with this notification app child?
I guess I'm confused as you have mentioned RM and shows the screenshot of the notification app.

Mind clarifying the issue specifically you are having with this notification app version v.s. whatever you have tried to do in RM?

Also, kind of contact sensors are you using to determine open and closed?


I am getting the Notifications.

However I am missing them for I am asleep.

So I wanted to use my aeotec siren to notify me. Aka wake me up so I can close the door.

I think I set up this rule to do it. Plus Mute the siren if I close both garage doors.

I am testing it now. I have set it to 5 mins.

I am worried it's going to active the siren every time the garage is opened and not just when it is open for 1 hour.

I am using a Linear GD00Z-5 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller.

Here is my setup.

What is the world is this?

Looks like my several attempts at making this rule is haunting me.

The notification is working great.


I am doing both. I have notification and want the site of go off if I miss the notification once the garage is open an hour.

Got it.
I have success using the notification app per my screenshot above, including it using the Siren I have via the "Audio Notifications" portion.

I honestly don't have experience with RM using the delay. Someone else should chime in on that combo (Siren -> delay -> Mute).

Why don't you just use a RM rule to automatically close the garage door after an hour. At least have it part of your night time routine so you don't get wakened up by a siren.