Garage Open More Than 1 Hour, Siren

The rule is quite different from the one I suggested and has some problems. If you want to use RM, I'd take another look at what I posted. Otherwise, if Notifications works, that's great and a lot easier!

The "extra" rules you see may have been half-completed rules you never installed. They'll get cleaned up eventually, I think as part of the overnight maintenance. If not, they should be listed as apps you can remove yourself.


Look at @bertabcd1234 rule again. First of all you need to change your trigger to 'changed' You also need to add an action to cancel the delayed actions. You specified your delay differently but both ways should work.

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After some testing I go this to work.

However I am wondering should it be an ”or” for the modes?

I want to add the Modes because I have a mode ”Manual” that over rides all rules.

For when I want my house to be a dumb house. Like for the maintenance types and when cleaning the cars and garage.

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I like this idea. See this is why we are all here. To share your smarts.


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What do you actually want to happen regarding modes? I don't recall you mentioning those before. Any trigger matching will cause your actions to run (the "OR" is there to hint at this), so you likely don't want them there. If you want to test for conditions being true, the Actions are where it's at, but I'm not sure what you want. As is it definitely won't work right because you'll get the siren an hour after any trigger.

Not sure I understand what I missed.

Thanks. I will watch this.

Before you get into modes you need to fix the other part of the rule. It will not work as written. You are only triggering on OPEN. The rule will not run when the doors close. This is why you need to have the trigger set to CHANGED. Also, you are not cancelling the delay. As it is now even if you close both doors the siren will sound an hour from now no matter what.

Honestly, almost everything. :slight_smile: My trigger is different and most of my actions are different, too. I have an IF - ELSE structure to my whole rule, while you have things outside either of these and only an IF, among other differences. I can create one in RM and show a screenshot if that would help, but the wording and indentation of your final rule should nearly exactly match what I wrote except for the "On: Siren" line because I'm not sure what your device really needs there.

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I took the modes out.

Here is what I have as of now.

I want the siren to go off after the garage doors are detected to be open for an hour.

I also want the siren to be cancelled by the dashboard or by both the garage doors be closed.

Does that make since.

Hate to be rude but the wife and I are heading out go a Pink Droyd / Pink Floyd cover band concert.

Talk later.

I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I'm not sure what else I can say. Maybe someone else can explain it better. Sorry I couldn't help.

That rule as stands looks like the alarm will go off after an hour and stay on - am I missing something? I hope you paused it before you went out or at least did not open a garage door..:grimacing:


I think I have done this.

I can’t see my siren via the notification app.

I can’t see my siren is the notification app


I have set mine like you have yours.

I modified my Siren to a Dome Siren.

But the siren won’t say anything.

I have a rule that alerts me in 10 minutes if the garage door is left open and then every 30 minutes if it remains open. I also have a virtual switch to bypass the rule if this is done intentionally. The community helped me get it working properly so I want to share it here. It may or may not be helpful.

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Do you just not want this notification to happen if the hub is in Manual mode? If so, a rule like this should work:


Note that "IF (Mode is Manual) Exit Rule" is is made by choosing "Simple Conditional". The IF (TEST Garage Door open) THEN" is made by choosing a full conditional, i.e., "IF (conditions) THEN," as seen in the dropdown when adding actions. You could use a full conditional for both as long as you properly format them (including an END-IF), but it's more clicking, so I wouldn't.

This is basically the rule I had above, plus the mode exception, and it will also turn the siren off when the door is closed (you may not need to do that; it depends whether your siren sounds indefinitely or stops on its own--and, of course, whether you want this to happen). If this is what you want, your final rule should look more or less exactly like this except for the device names (and the device states in green or orange--just RM trying to be helpful by showing you the current truth evaluation).

(Note: This won't stop the siren--or stop it from happening after the delay--if the hub is in some other mode and then changes to Manual mode after it's opened. There a few things you could do to prevent that if that's a dealbreaker, but since there seems to be trouble getting even this far, I'd recommend starting simple.)


That look like it will do The trick. Thanks