Garage Door Status on my Dashboard - Newbie question

Hi Hubitat community...
Please forgive this newbie question (another Wink convert) as I bet this has been asked and answered before, I've searched the community but didn't find a clear answer.
I want to show garage door status on my dashboard. I don't really need to open/close from the dashboard, just show if it's open or closed.
I have a Chamberlain MyQ opener, connected to the MyQ app, and have installed the MyQ app in my Hubitat, but it doesn't seem to know status.

  1. Am I correct that the Hubitat MyQ app wont show door status in a dashboard? Or am I missing something?
  2. Do I need a door sensor to do what I want?
  3. If so, is there a simple, inexpensive one that is recommended?

Thanks for the help!

Yes. Chamberlain does not expose the state of its door sensor to others. You have to add a contact sensor. I use an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 on my MyQ-Lite Hubitat app.

Here is a post of mine in another thread showing ways that others have mounted their garage door sensors, and giving suggestions for other sensors.

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@672southmain -
Much appreciated! I knew others have gone where I want to go have figure this out before me. Very grateful for your wisdom.
Is there a benefit to using a contact sensor instead of one of the many tilt sensors that I see in use?
Ken C

No benefit. Most tilt sensors are Zigbee, everything I have is Z-Wave. Many people have used the SmartThings MultiSensor as a tilt sensor for this purpose. Using a tilt sensor lets you mount it on a garage door panel. Using a contact sensor lets you mount it on the side, if you can deal with the clearances for the track. That’s what gave me the biggest problem, I had to craft a wood block mounting with cutouts to hold the sensor alongside the track.

Only benefit I can see for a contact sensor is that it lets you know when the door is in fully closed position. A tilt sensor will only change once it gets tilted from vertical, might give wrong results if someone pried the door open enough to crawl under.

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I have an Ecolink door (tilt) sensor and found it to be very reliable.

I did however change the very good mechanical tilt switch for a mercury switch. Mostly because I had some mercury switches.

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Thanks gentlemen... great advice.
Much appreciated.
Merry Christmas

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I as well have been using the Ecolink Door tilt sensor for years and its been rock solid at reporting status. I use this in conjunction with the MyQ app and my craftsman assurelink wireless connection to the garage door opener.

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