Garage door opening on its own....middle of the night

Odd one here that i'd love to get to the bottom of.
In the past week, my garage door has opened twice on its own without out anyone sending a command to do so.

I have both of my garage doors connected to Linear garage door openers. Uncertain of the exact model but they were purchased through Lowes as part of the IRIS platform (GD-00z-1 perhaps)

I have 2 rues set up.
Rule 1. Set to close door at 9 PM and again at 10 PM.
Rule 2. Close garage door on button press ( 4 button iris pendant)

I have looked at the logs but they don't go back far enough in the past to see when the event happened

The hub is at least 30 feet from the garage door opener, and through several walls BUT between the hub and door opener there are at least 6 zwave light switches, 3 of which are in the garage with the opener, and there is also a ZWAVE repeater in the garage. Not certain but i don't see it being a signal issue. open to see how i can validate that though

Couple of questions please.

  • this particular garage door opener has dropped off my system several times in the past 6 months. It is paired to the system now however and has been for at least a month. Ive had to exclude it then re-pair in the past when i had problems. Perhaps its on its last legs.. uncertain if this is related. Anyone have experience with these randomly opening if they are routinely dropping out.

  • My logs only seem to go back a day. Anyway to go back further? If i open a window and leave running in the back ground....will it continue to log?

  • Im seeing some odd entries in the logs.
    BarrierOperatorReport- BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState:253)
    Garage Door - Double is in an unknown position
    Be interesting to know what these are.

Anyway - my next recourse is to disconnect as i can't have the door randomly opening

Appreciate any thoughts the community might have


Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 5.02.13 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 5.02.32 PM

likely your door battery needs to be replaced the log say your door is in an unknown position so it is sending another close command (which actually opens your door).
I changed all my Linears out for mimolite with a magnetic sensor because I didn't like the battery sensor.


While the logs may not go back a long way, the Device Events do. At the top of the device page, there is an Events button. The battery issue that @NoWon mentioned would be a good bet.

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Changed them both out ( both garage doors)
unknown position message on log now gone.

Garage Door - Double is open
BarrierOperatorReport- BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState:255)
Garage Door - Double is opening

I might impede the door and seen what the log says!

thanks for the help.

Done - Thanks
Hopefully solves the issue

I had this issue when I used a Z-Wave garage door opener.
Switched to a Z-Wave Plus version and the problem has not happened again.

@macdenewf if you are using a custom DH you could add a s/w lock function to the DH and create a rule to lock the garage door at night . Of course if the garage is manually open then it unlocks the s/w lock. (it only disables the automation within the DH)
Look at the code I use for my mimolite DH and just take the lock code portion and put in your Linear DH code.
There is also an example in it so a close command can not be executed if the door contacts are closed or the door is in transition (a settable time default set 20 seconds) or open command while in transition.
You do not need to buy a mimolite you can use portions of this code in your own custom DH.
the actual open/close commands are different.

HI. Im not certain if i know what you're suggesting.
Im not using anything custom.
Generic garage door driver.

Im using rule machine to close the garage doors at a specific time....which has worked flawlessly ( that i know of)
If the garage door is open - it closes
If the garage door is closed....there is no action ( again - that i know of)

I also have a similar rule on all three of my outdoor locks. At a specific time - my 3 locks are set to lock

  • if doors unlocked - they lock
  • if doors already action that i know of

I suppose i could add a contact switch and if not closed say xxx minutes after the rule executes it could set some type of alarm.

Are you saying there is another way to approach this? Appreciate your reply as im a relative novice on these things.

you can only do what I suggested if you are using a custom DH no stock DH
No adding any extra hardware
You could use the stock Hubitat notification app to send you notification if any door is open.

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