Garage Door - Cheap Option?

A while back I bought a cheap inching relay that I was going to use for my garage door. I think it was like $16. It was a WiFi model but worked with SmartThings.

Now that I'm using HE, I wanted to find a similar cheap Zwave or Zigbee option and just toss the WiFi one.

How come all Z-relays are so expensive?!?! Isn't there a cheap option for DIY stuff?

Just looking for z-wave relay?

This is $36

Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 for Garage Doors, Sprinklers, Gas Fireplace; 3 Dry Contact Relays (15A, 15A, 20A); 12-24 V AC/DC or USB C Power; Signal Repeater; Hub Required

You can also build one with any smart outlet, a 12v automotive relay and an old 7-12v wall-wart you have laying around the house. You know for that electronic thing you're NEVER going to use again. Then, simply connect the wallwart to the coil sides of the rleay and the switched sides to the garage door opener. Then plug in the wall-wart and bang, you're done. Get a cheap zigbee outlet for around $15 and an automotive relay for around 6-10 and you're done for around $20.

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Plus a USB C power supply or other 12-24v power supply that it doesn't come with.

:man_shrugging:Don’t own one.. Just know of it’s existence :crazy_face:

I don't either...i just read the listing. :slight_smile:

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There was a video in another thread on here of a guy who did it without a wall wart, just cut-off an old power cord and wired it into the relay.

I might try this. Could be fun.


If it can be WiFi you can get an ESP (any model) and a cheap 3v or 5v relay and use the OpenGarage firmware or just write something yourself. ESP8266 are a couple of bucks. SSR are cheap too.

Why doesn't your current relay with with HE? What is it?

Then you have to have a 120 VAC'll blow up a 12v DC relay if you put 120 VAC through it. LOL I prefer the wall-warrt method since 12v is harmless and a lot safer.

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Or 29.95 at The Smartest House (let's support small business in these crazy times!). But the most important thing to mention here is that you can use this single device to automate and control 3 garage doors individually if needed :slight_smile:

You can use a simple power supply like this and we WILL be including a USB cable starting from the next production run (ver. 1.02 of the device) in case anyone is researching the product in the future :wink:


Not to mention should be great support since reps from that company participate in this community :point_up_2:

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That part hardly needs to be advertised :rofl:


Still - very much appreciated! And also appreciate how easy Zooz makes firmware updating.

Wish you all made an in-wall receptacle.


I was confused by this on the Amazon listing:


So, can we use USB chargers that output 5v 1A?

If their shipping was a little more reasonable, I would consider it.

As long the USB charger amperage is same or higher than the amperage that the device need to operate with. It will only draw the amperage it need.

A device needing only 500mA will only draw the 500mA needed from a 1A power adapter.

I really don't call it USB charger .. it actually an USB power adapter which can be use to charge a phone or power a device etc. :slight_smile:

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Have you already got garage door working on SmartThings in past? Or you just haven't gotten around to it? You mentioned "was going to use" so I was wondering about this.

Two things you want to keep in mind if you haven't set one up yet is one that you probably need to get a tilt sensor so the hub know what state that garage door is in either open or shut state.

Second you will need to check to see your garage opener is a newer model that use a security wall button.

If it a newer model with a security wall button then you are not going to be able just closed contact on the garage opener's terminal to open or shut the garage door. You will need a security module to send a signal to open and shut.

Awwwww, I just ordered a Zooz MultiRelay so it not going to include the USB C cable :confused:

Curious, will the newer version have same firmware or hardware?

Yes, I know how electricity works. But you can see why I didn't understand that in the Amazon listing, right? It doesn't make sense.

There is a lot of confusion in terms of naming power supplies vs chargers but what we mean here is not to use laptop or tablet chargers (I think also iPhone chargers have the same issue) because most of them will not activate without having enough load (like a fairly large battery) on the other side. This is something obvious to a tech engineer but not to most of us users who treat a USB power supply / charger as all equal. We found out the hard way that even USB C cables are not all created equal. So initially we thought, let's do USB C, everyone has one from their phone but it turns out we need to be a bit more specific. We'll be including more guidance and disclaimers about the power supply in the box as well going forward.

It will have 1.02 firmware which is now available as an OTA file. Here is the change log for the device with all updates introduced so far.


Cool, Garage door mode in recent update

It looks like my Zooz multi relay will arrive today, will need go Best Buy get a USB C cable

Any specific USB C cable I need to get?