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I recently installed a Zen16 MultiRelay my garage doors and I was wondering if there is any way to have a single dashboard tile with both status and control for the doors?

The Garage (Control) template displays the current status of the door, when tapped/clicked it asks for confiormation before opening or closing the door. I'm using the MyQ garage door device user app with a Samsung MultiPurpose Sensor V5.


After tapping on tile to open

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Yeah, but that does not really display the actual status, because you have to confirm it. If I open the door from the wall switch or my car how would this update?

do you have a tilt sensor to track the status of the door as well? if so, you could use something like Tile-Master ([RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!) to have a button to trigger the ZEN16 and a line with the door status

You will need to have a sensor on the door to know for certain if it is open or closed. Once you have the sensor, you will need an app to tie the sensor and zen16 together into a virtual garage door device. Here is the app created specifically for the ZEN16: [RELEASE] Zooz Garage Door Opener

Once you have the virtual garage door device, then you can add it to the dashboard as shown above and the status will always be correct based on the sensor you install.

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The MyQ app, and hopefully the Zooz Garage Door Opener app, sets the door status to Opening or Closing after receiving a positive response to the "are you sure" message. A tilt or multi sensor is required to track the actual status and position of the door.

When the door is opened from a wall switch, the tilt sensor movement may be used to set the status if not already done in the app.

Yeah I have a contact sensor on the doors so this should work, thanks.

Do you have a separate zwave / zigbee contact sensor or do you have a sensor wired to one of the sw inputs on the zen16? I think it can work with either but might take some extra work if its a wired sensor.

Separate ZooZ Z-wave contact sensor on each door.

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Should work good then, you can post back here if you have any questions, I use a ZEN16 and an EcoLink tilt sensor with that app and its been working great for a while.


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