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@kevin So been playing with this a lot! Thank you!

I do have a hopefully small request. The garadget doors also have a "stopped" state for the door. So if the pressure sensor or object sensor trips while the door is going down the door will go into a stopped state. It's a WONDERFUL thing to be able to trigger off of. Any chance that could get added. I'm assuming to here:

MQTT payload values for [unknown,open,closing,closed,opening] for the door attribute

Here is what the event log looks like:

current states:

I tried to add "stopped" for the doors status as below:

But that did not make it show up under "door" or "custom attribute" in a rule.


'Stopped' is not an attribute value that the HE supplied Virtual Garage Door Controller implements. Let me see what options there are though.

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as with all crazies...of course I started writing a garadget specific mqtt idea how far I'll get with this but I do realize the garadget is a different kind of "non standard" beast.

It's not actually - and you can support it outside of the virtual garage door controller - it's just that 'controller' includes some smarts with a timer we don't need. I guess that's why it's named 'controller' ...

Include it as a switch device with a virtual MQTT display device for state and then reaction is as per click status change and status will include 'stopped'. Just it will be two devices on the dashboard. You could combine with Tile Master or similar.

I think I'm following. You mean because usually a virtual garage door setup is a mixture of items of which the timer is necessary? And since the garadget is a controller of itself it's not needed?

Yes.. two controllers conflicting timers.. we don't need both hence reducing HE one to min of 5secs


Include it as a switch device with a virtual MQTT Text device for status cf 'door' attribute and then reaction will be instant on click for command change and 'text' status will include 'stopped' or whatever Garadget sends. Just it will then be two devices on the dashboard. You could combine with Tile Master or similar.

I can get rid of the 5 sec close delay in the future.

Do you often squash the dog / cat / other ?

Actually you could add this status separately to another MQTT text device or variable as well as the virtual Garage door.. to trigger off it . MQTT app supports different devices using same payload.

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Understood now! The 5 sec delay is of no consequence to me at all.

I have 3 doors and have rules that shut those doors after 30 min of being open. I have a virtual kill switch that can be set to stop that behavior...apparently I'm the only one in the family that uses it. The others...see the door auto-shutting and run over and kick a foot or similar in front of the beam to stop the door from closing.,..or premeditated...put something in front of the sensor. happens. I also think it would be useful for those times a kid leaves a toy close enough to the bottom that as you are driving away the door goes back "if mode=away AND door = stopped" send alert.

Just some of my use cases...along with the fact it has a light sensor... and other parameters I'd like to expose. You sir have helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my very quick dive into MQTT. I'm learning tons.

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.. and you sir have introduced me to Dark and Stormy..

Is that IR beam part of a Garadget install or optional ?.. I don't have an electric garage door, or come to think about it even a garage.

I have seen the light sensor in the json status payload it sends. Again you could include that aspect into an illuminance sensor already should you wish. Any payload on MQTT even within json can go into any HE virtual device attribute using the MQTT app.

Nope, that's part of the garage door opener itself. Garadget is just smart enough to figure out when it's stopped on it's way down.

Yes...I see now the power of the APP...I can not even imagine how long it took you....

It’s life changing! :slight_smile: It definitely added loads of functionality to Hubitat.

I keep thinking of new things to use it for all the time. Tonight I set up a variable to store which door or window is open and then push that value to my MQTT broker. I have a Magic Mirror in my kitchen that has a MQTT client on it. Now I can see if a door/window is open and also view my Garadget Status, among other things.

This is the lower left section of the screen.


All this prompted this:


Nice, I was actually going down the same path making a stand alone driver. Yours is probably better though LOL. It's in my Github if you want to compare notes. :slight_smile:

I'll link yours up in the main post to encourage those who find this post to go down the MQTT path.


I like some of the things you have in your like the watchdog. Next week when I get some time I'll update. Also @hovee and I were trying to decide if it should include on/off. Originally i had it but removed it. Thoughts on good reasons to keep it in there?

I'm not 100% sure if the watchdog was necessary. Like, I thought maybe Hubitat would handle a disconnect from the MQTT broker automatically, but it didn't seem to so the watchdog fixed that.

I honestly just kept the open/close commands in the driver since the cloud version had it. I'm not sure if Alexa or Google Home will see it as a garage so saying open & close may not work? You could say turn Garage on or turn Garage off though.

Google home doesn't like anything that says it's a garage door...I can try putting the on/off back in and seeing if google will allow it. Alternatively a virtual switch and a rule could be added.

Yeah, I honestly didn't test the stability of rebooting hubitat/broker to see if the connection restores. Little more testing there required.

You may want to look into this app. I was able to set up my fans through this for proper control. I will try setting up the garage door through this as well and report back.

I’m able to pass it as a garage door using the google community app. However like you mention it doesn’t like anything named “Garage Door”. I renamed it in the Google App to “Garage Door Home”. I now have control of it through Google. I will probably set up a shortcut so I don’t have to say “Garage Door Home”.

Here’s pics of my setup in Google Community App.

I've been watching this app....waiting for it to come out of Alpha...or me to get another hub ( I really need to ) for development and to run these alpha apps on.

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