Future support for Linkind water leak sensors

Hi Hubitat support team, wrt the case per the link below (you closed it so fast before I could reply to the last response from Mike!).

The answer to Mike's question is yes , I have more than 10 of these devices at home and they work using a generic driver as I already mentioned in the initial case (pls check the details in the top of my case as per the above link).

Can you pls guide me to how I may get the status of the batteries on these devices through HE so for example if they are 20% or below life-time, I will get an alert sent to my iPhone or email?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Use HSM to monitor all your battery devices. Set threshold to 20% and it will notify you

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Thank you so much, Rick for the tip , I'll try HSM , that will be the first time !

Can I propagate HSM alerts to my Apple Home (HomeKit) App which is already connected to my HE using the beta HE App, how this can be done?

I'm including a link below for Mike @mike.maxwell from Hubitat support in case he wants to get his hand on one of these devices to develop a specific driver in the future:


Hi Rick @rlithgow1 lithgow1 , thank you again for pointing me to HSM. However, I can't see an option or setting in HSM to send an alert for the battery level of a water sensor, did I miss anything?

Hi Mike @mike.maxwell ike.maxwell, the monitor option under "What do you want to monitor?" is the status wet/dry only. The battery status is not included. So perhaps that can be a future function of HSM that Hubitat support can add in the following release?

BTW, battery and wet/dry status are 2 status details that are already available in the device configuration of my Linkind water sensor devices.

Thank you

Take a look at @bptworld's Device Watch Dog app. Does activity reporting, battery reporting and more. Install with the Bundle Manager app or directly from Github.


Here is another option for monitoring battery levels and device check in.


@oldcomputerwiz That's the one I use. Just got an alert on a contact sensor battery as a matter of fact.


What additional capabilities does this device have that are not made available by the built-in “Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor” or “Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor (no temp)” drivers?

Generally, a specific driver is needed only if a device has additional standard Hubitat capabilities not exposed by a generic driver, or if the device uses a non-standard cluster for a standard capability.


Battery level reporting is notoriously unreliable. I would encourage you to use @bertabcd1234’s “Device Activity Check” instead, which can be configured to report inactive devices, i.e. once that have not checked in within a preconfigured time period. @oldcomputerwiz linked to it above, and @tivomaniac commented on his use of it.


As @rlithgow1 indicated, HSM already supports battery level alerts. You need to configure a custom monitoring rule. Like this:


Sorry to sort of resurrect a dead-ish thread, but does anyone with these sensors know how often I should expect them to check in? I installed 4 of them on Saturday (~44 hours ago) and not one of them has reported any activity since then.

Obviously, I'd expect water leak sensors to be quiet or I have major problems in my home, but I did expect periodic battery reporting.

What prompted my question is that I do run Device Activity Check on my hub with a 36 hour threshold and I just got an alert on these 4 new sensors (which are not only my first Linkind sensors but my first of anything Zigbee at all (I have 70+ Z-Wave and ~190 Lutron devices), so I'm trying to understand the ecosystem in addition to the sensors themselves).