How to update firmware on Zigbee devices using Hubitat?

I tried to use Hubitat device firmware updater application to update the firmware of my Linkind water sensor devices which are configured as generic Zigbee water sensor devices. However, I can't find an option for Zigbee devices in the device firmware updater application. Also, I could not find a firmware file from Linkind to load manually . I hoped for a solution from Hubitat that can automate regular updates using Hubitat hub only? Appreciate any hints/tips ? thank you

Zigbee devices are updated using the driver details.
If available the driver will contain a updateFirmware command, when executed the firmware update results are sent to the live logs.
Hubitat securely stores zigbee firmware update files in our cloud servers making them available to all users. There is no manual process available for user supplied files.
We currently do not have a source for linkind firmware files, and i dont even know if they have any files anyway.


Much appreciated , Mike .

Linkind water leak sensors provide great value for the money and I can see they are increasingly recommended and used by many people. Therefore, I look forward to seeing Hubitat supporting its firmware updates through the driver details and your cloud servers in the future. This would further leverages Hubitat as the central and focal hub without the need to add additional Linkind hub for instance.

Customers typically get further in requesting firmware for us to publish than we do. Not sure why, it is what it is...


Much appreciated , Mike :slight_smile:

Any plans to provide specific driver support for the Linkind water sensors in the future, it will be particularly useful to get alerts, connectivity status or/and estimate of the remaining life of the batteries?

This would be worthwhile feature to ensure the performance of such key automation (increasing home safety and lowering risks of water leak).

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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While this isn't in our compat list as we don't have a sample of one, theres a good chance it will work (in other words, there's no reason it shouldn't), have you tried including on yet?

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