FSR - Too easy to 'close'

I am a little too busy to get into ESP boards and would like to use a Thin Film Force Sense Resistor.

I have it hooked directly up to the contact sensor and it closes too easily.

What ohm resistor should I put inline to put more weight on it before it trips/closes?


Check out this thread from @ogiewon that uses FSRs:


The reason I didn't want to post on that thread is the fact that he is talking about Arduino. I

t's also impolite to 'thread-jack'. Plus, I know he hates thread-jacking from other threads that he's started and went off topic just a little bit.

I think @ritchierich meant to check out that thread for the resistance of inline resistors used.

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I have and didn't see any mention of a separate [inline] resistor.


To be fair, he's using a board with that, not a contact sensor dry-wired

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