FS: Hubitat C7 and Lutron Caseta Hub Wall Mounts

Hi All,

Disclaimer: looked through the FAQ and didn't see anything related to offering items for sale. So if I missed something, please let me know and if the threads needs to be taken down because of that, I will understand.

I am coming slowly over from ST to Hubitat, I purchased the C7 back when they became available again in 2020. One thing I noticed was there wasn't a wall mount option available for this hub. Then I got the Lutron Caseta Pro Hub and it too did not have any commercially available wall mounts available.

Well recently I bought me a 3D printer because I've always wanted one and I did see some 3D printed mounts available online. So after I had the 3D printer all setup and in good printing order, I decided to print me out a Hubitat C7 mount I found. It printed great, but had a few issues I addressed and now I think I got a good wall mount option for the C7 (and I believe the C5 will fit too). I also found a Lutron Caseta Pro wall mount, that mount had a lot of weak points and the first I put the Hub in it, it broke one of the support legs. So, I redesigned it for better structural support. It firs well and no issue with legs breaking.

Why I am reaching out to the community to see if anybody else would be interested in a wall mount for either one of these hubs and if so, how many? If I get enough support, I was thinking of first run of like 20 of them for $5 + shipping. Then it would be more like $8 + shipper per mount.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I will take a tally. Pictures are attached of them and can be printed in Black or White.

PS: Forgot to take a picture of the Hubitat Wall mount up, so will update this post when I get home and take the pictures.


These Pictures Below are what will be printing going forward

Hubitat C-7 Mount in Black

Lutron Pro Hub in White


Yes please. I would gladly purchase one of each from you.

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Please put me down for one of each also.

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I would take a c7 mount.

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So you took a c7 mount design you found for free on the net that someone else made, tweaked it, and are now selling them?


That's called "for free" enterprise.

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Yup. Not my cup of tea, unless he is paying royalties to the original author of course. :wink:

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Yes I found a mount on the internet. No I didn't just tweek his design. I made the mount on Fusion 360 using my hubs as templets and then made it stronger. There are several designs of any mount or anything for that matter that you can think of.

Now, as for as "for free enterprise" is being brought up....I have to buy filament, then use my electricity to print mount, then buy screws to put with the mount, then buy boxes to ship the mount, plus my time in it to bring the item and fuel burned to the post office to drop off the mount. So I don't know how "Free" you think I can make this. Please let me know. Not like I'm selling it for $20 plus shipping. I simply offering it for five whole dollars. Trust me, at that price, there isn't much profit.


I would take a couple of the Hubitat C-7 and one of the Lutron Pro bridge. Thanks


I agree - printing is not free. I have multiple 3d printers and go through more filament than I care to think about.

Good luck.


Then why not just put the design on thingiverse and be done with it? Lol

I'm just being a smart arse. You do what ya want, you certainly don't need to give away your work for free if people will pay for it.

@ktj.hebert did you ever prints these mount? If so send me pm and I will order a few. Thanks

Sorry I haven't been around in a while after posting this. Been doing a lot of construction work at my house from Hurricane Delta damage.

I have not printed any of them yet, but let me go through the thread and see how many want them and DM everyone. I will then start printing them sometime next week and let you all know when I have them ready to pay me and ship them.

Thanks I wouldn't worry about it till you settle and got everything up to date with your house.

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If you haven’t been turned off by some of the comments in the tread I would like to buy one as I don’t yet own a 3D printer.

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I second the reactions request if you’re up and running, I’d like one. I signed up just to ask :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sorry for the long...Long...LONG delay. After I posted this, I became really busy with repairs around my house and then work picked up. Things are starting to flatten out, so I want to get back on this. Let me get a count and then reach out to you all and see if you are still interested. Once I get those confirmed, I will begin printing. Once I have them printed, I will reach out again in a PM for shipping address and total cost with shipping.

Thanks again and hope to get these out soon.

@ktj.hebert I am definitely interested. (5) HE mounts and (1) Lutron. For those of us that haven't "dove" into the 3d printing world its a great idea. Let me know how to contact you to arrange buying them.

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I'm in and I need two C-7 mounts.

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I'd be interested in two Hubitat and one Lutron mounts.


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