Frigate NVR integration

So after watching ol' Linus on youtube he showed a really cool smart home setup idea. He setup a software called frigate which i see mentioned on this forum here and there a little. Now he integrates it with home assistant via MQTT so to me it should work for Hubitat.

I have a old pc that i am using as a headless server now. Using ubuntu server as the os and docker for management of services i setup an eclipse mqtt broker container and a frigate container. I then linked my home NVR cameras via RTSP to frigate and it works (just on one camera now since i dont have the damn coral accelerator that is backordered to next November) I go out side and it says there is a person out side. I toss the dog a treat and the camera identifies a dog. I then bumble around and finally get frigate to talk to the broker.

I am now working through trying to pass the mqtt stuff from frigate to the broker to hubitat.

End game would be to get notifications on my phone if a person is approaching my home at night when the security system is armed, but not set off the alarm.

I use blue iris to do this. The bonus is that I don't have to go through MQTT. While BI does have the ability to go through an MQTT broker I just have it communicate directly with the hub.

I did think about running it in a docker, but I have 10 cameras on it now and that would kill my server. So I repurposed an old i5 to handle it all. It stores up to 3 weeks of 24/7 recording and events.

You might have to look into doing something like that with Frigate you add more cameras the cpu requirements go up. Its a rabbit hole. lol

Here's a post with some of the things I do with BI.

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Yeah I looked into Blue Iris I just don't want to have to pay for a Windows OS license when I can get a free linux one. Plus I am hosting a lot of other stuff on my linux machine would like to keep it all on one server.

I wrote a small frigate-mqtt-hubitat driver. I use it for motion detection/presence - frigate is configured to just look for 'persons'. It's incomplete but it does what I wanted.

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Thankyou very much sir. This is just the piece of code i was looking for. I was about to try mydevbox/hubitat-mqtt-link but i think i wont have to fumble with as much stuff with your code.

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