Frient motion sensor pro not pairing correctly

I have been trying to pair a Frient Motion sensor pro and have been having problems.
After many attempts it says it has paired but the device doesn’t show any variables.

It seems to have recognised the device correctly and the red light stopped flashing, suggesting that it paired okay, but I can’t read any information from it.
Any ideas?

I have updated to

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try including it close to the hub.

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Hi Mike,

The first time it was about 10’ from the hub.
I removed the device from Hubitat and the device started flashing red again.
I placed it about 18” from the hub and it paired much more quickly, but still doesn’t show any variables.

Is it autodetecting the driver or do you have to switch to it after pairing?

It’s auto detecting

Hmm... I only had asked because when I was dealing with my air quality monitor when it wouldn't autodetect it wouldn't present data but when the fingerprint was added to HE and it autodetected it worked fine.

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It is odd. I expected it to be fully configured since it had detected the right driver.
I never had anything else do this and don’t know enough to go any further with it.
I bought it from Amazon and have a few days to return it, but it is exactly what I’m after, so I’d rather get it working.

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turn on debug and see if anything is happening with it.

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Well, that’s interesting. It appears to be working but not showing it on the device page.

If I add a tile to a dashboard and try setting it to multi-sensor, illuminance, Motion or temperature, the tile shows ? Unknown

Yeah you need to pick attribute

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Description text logging should correspond to what ever is on the events page for that device. Are you saying that is not the case?


The log shown above show that it is measure lux for example, but doesn’t show that on the device page.
So no, they don’t match

Does it show in the event log for that device?

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I’ve picked attribute, but none related to that sensor are shown.


Not the general log. But that device's event log page? When you're on the device page, and click "Events" on the upper left corner, do all these events show up?

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Yeah should be populated with available attributes. Not sure what to tell you...This is more @mike.maxwell 's territory

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This is the events log

This is the device page