I have several Meross switches (migrating from Smartthings) and the only way to use them in Hubitat is with IFTTT, which for me is fine. I set one up, and I don't have any issues with how it works.

The problem is having to pay about $40 a year. I don't want to have to buy new switches, partially because of the cost. Is there a free version of IFTTT somewhere that will work?

Since IFTTT added their paid tier last year, I believe they restricted the free tier to 3 applets?


Have you checked if node red can do what you want. It seems to be basically a local version of IFTTT but much more powerful. You can run it on a raspberry PI if you dont have a always on computer for it.

It is exactly as easy as IFTTT, but pretty simple once you get some basics down.


Depending on what you need you could also use alexa to control them based on there website. That would be free.

Do those wifi switches have the ability to be controlled on your local network through a local API on the device? Then node red should be able to hit that api to activate functions.

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It is limited to three applets, and I have 6 switches. Each switch has to have a separate applet for on and off, so 12 total.

Yep looks like they have a set of Nodes for this...

Just released not too long ago.. with that and the HE Nodes you should be good to go provided the devices you have are the ones supported.

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I haven't heard of Node Red before, but right now, I would have no idea where to even begin to try to make it work. The other thing, is I don't want to start throwing more and more money at it, without really knowing for sure. I already took that step getting the Hubitat hub, but when you see that you can most things to run one way or the other, there's no mention that IFTTT is charging now. And I don't have that issue with Smartthings. So the Hubitat hub may be going back. Smartthings has some issues, but it's more worth it to deal with those things over this.

Node-RED is opensource and "free" - you can install it on a lot of different platforms.

Also this as well:

I really like the visual style - seems very logical to me but ymmv.

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I find this comment of yours bizarre because IFTTT is a totally independent entity from Hubitat, and Hubitat has nothing to do with IFTTT charging a fee. FWIW, IFTTT instituted their policy of charging a fee in the 3rd quarter of 2020 - long after the Hubitat integration for IFTTT was developed.

In any event, the majority of Hubitat users are drawn to using Hubitat because of the lure of fully local home automation. You will not get that with Meross switches and SmartThings. You won't get that with Meross switches, Hubitat and IFTTT.

But you can get that with Meross switches, Hubitat and Node-RED.


Is this any use ?


I don’t understand.

You mean you don’t have to use IFTTT to integrate your Meross devices with ST?

IFTTT costs the same regardless of which other platforms you integrate.

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Meross has a native SmartThings integration. It is cloud to cloud. Fun!

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Honestly what you are throughing money at is a limitation of wifi devices. Wifi connected devices are not were hubitat shines best simply because if that company hasn't created a integration for Hubitat you need to look for work arounds like this. If those switches where zigbee or zwave you would probably be fine.

With that said even if you don't want to try Node red you can do Alexa. The integration between alexa and Hubitat should allow you abilities to use those switches as you want.

Node red is free and super powerful. There are signes that even with Smartthings it will soon be one of the prefered method for doing automations and basic smart apps once the Groovy IDE is phased out. I hadn't touched Node red until about the last 2 weeks. I have jumped off the deepend with it because I am using it with Samsungs's "Samsung Automation Studio" Pallet to bring my one device type from Smartthings that doesn't have a integration which are Arlo cameras. In theory you could even do the same since you dont need a hub for your wifi switches.

The cost of a raspberry pi is between $35 and $55 depending on what version you get based on ram. So far from insurmountable or costly. If you have a always on computer then you could just run node red from there. I run it in my home storage server.


You could go this way too. HA has a Meross integration and this driver will bring it back into HE. No need to learn Node Red.

You have options. :grinning:

[Beta] Home Assistant Device Bridge?


I looked over the driver that @kevin linked. It looks like based on what that is doing it wouldn't be to hard for a driver to be written to talk to the switch if they work the same way. You may be able to load use it for the switches as well. You should probably try that first.

What I meant about not knowing that IFTTT charges is that, I've been using Smartthings, which has an IFTTT type of interface, but it's not actually IFTTT. It works the same, but it's done within the ST app (everything is setup on the app, not the computer with ST.) So, I was not aware that IFTTT charges.

Yes, there is an unlimited, free IFTTT option. It's called Gmail. Gmail email addresses are free and you can have as many as you like. And HE's IFTTT integration allowed connection to multiple IFTTT accounts. Go figure :wink:

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I'm looking over Node Red at the moment. Still figuring parts of it out.

On the question of using different switches, if I have to upgrade, then it is what it is. But from switches that I can find that are comparable are in the $30 price range, so that's $180. At least a Pi is cheaper. But the other issue I have is that the switches I can find (other than Meross) are actually dimmers, not true switches. The Meross switches have a relay inside them, so it's physical contacts. 3 of the 6 lights that I have these switches in are fixtures with builtin LED's, not just bulbs. So a dimmer type switch is not an option. And one of them controls my kitchen lights, which are LED "recessed" lights. So I'd have to go change all of those. So unless I can find a Zigbee or Z-wave switch that has a relay inside, they are not an option.

On the multiple Gmail accounts, I'm considering that too, but I'm just waiting for them to crack down on that.

Thank God I ditched all cloud dependent IFTTT devices a few years ago! I can't believe people are even willingly paying them for the delays from the cloud operation.
I didn't ditch them because of a fee, I ditched them because their service is terrible with delays on the devices operating.