Free HomeSeer Pi-Version

I just got an email that HomeSeer is offering the HS3 Pi-Version for free. Download only and runs on a rPi. The rPi version is limited to 5 plugins but there are ways around that :slight_smile:

I know everyone is happy with Hubitat but we all like to tinker and who doesn't have a spare rPi sitting around? :smile:

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Do you have a link to where you can download it for free? According to their website it's still $79.

They have the 30 day trial for free but that's always free.

HAHA!!!! So, I went through the trouble of getting a license for the RPi edition and then tried to download....

Download fail!! LOL. it's easy to give something away for free when you can't get it.

However, if you open the installation guide, there is a link in there that works to download the software.

Check your email for the license code... that's the important part. I'm sure the servers are busy or broken but the "trial" download is the same thing.

I've reported to HS support that the link is broken as well. Just get the license code! :smile:

Got my license code... not sure I will ever use it but why not have it.... :smile:

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I grabbed it too.

I wonder if you can use the raspberry pi installed on a VM with this version of HomeSeer??

I did!!!

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Download link is now fixed!

I got it to play with like everyone else here, but looked around a bit after downloading... Found this under "Included"... Ads? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh that's interesting... I've never seen that before... I'm curious how they have tried to implement that... but that's what a pihole is for anyways. I'll have to load up another pi tomorrow and see...

So I spent a good chunk this morning getting it to work under a VM using Ubuntu 32 bit.

I’m still having issues with check_passwd binary. I even pulled the binary from the full Linux homeseer package and tried replacing. It’s still throwing errors.

I decided to wash my hands of it for now. Realistically I’ve invested in Hubitat and have more zigbee devices then z-wave devices which HomeSeer has no support for.

Unless I can think of a good use case for it, I don’t see myself wanting to spend money on a PI to get this to work...


It's another toy in the box. And you only have to spend money on extra plugins. Z-wave is included. If you use the pi image as intended the setup is much easier. Really the only plugin you would really need would be the Hubitat plugin :smile: then you would have most of your devices of all protocols mirrored into HS. Not all Hubitat devices/apps are supported time....

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Why do you say that?


@Ryan780 the "Zigbee" listing that HomeSeer show's is BS!!! Their current Zigbee is nothing but supporting OSRAM/Sylvania lights through the Cloud API!!! Everyone has called HS out for this and blasted them.

There are plugins that provide various degrees of Zigbee support....

JowiHue - obviously primary for Hue lighting and is very good. Also has support for deCONZ for the devices that deCONZ supports. Which is limited

mqtt2zigbee - the mcsMQTT plugin supports creating devices from the mqtt2zigbee project. Again this is limited to the devices that they support which is limited

Hubitat - this is a Simplex Technology plugin that I've worked on. It mirrors devices from Hubitat into HS for status and control. I of course have personal interest in this one so I say it's the best :slight_smile: it can mirror almost any Hubitat device into HS so this plugin has the very best Zigbee support because... Hubitat is the very best Zigbee controller :slight_smile:


True, so basically use Hubitat as a gateway and write on my rules under HomeSeer?

The problem is, I'd have to buy a rasp pi if I were to use the intended image properly. Plus I'd have to buy the Hubitat plugin.

How much more of a benefit is this over just using Hubitat? All my current devices work the way I want under Hubitat.

You wouldn't have to buy the hubitat plug-in. The free version gets 5.

You would have to buy the Hubitat plugin... it's not free. The 5 plugins is the limit to the number of plugins you can install on the Pi version. There are a lot of plugins that are free but Hubitat is not one of them. The plugin is currently in Beta stage so it is free so if you grab it now you won't have to pay for it. You just won't get any updates once I push it to release.

For you probably not a benefit unless there's a plugin or device or something that HomeSeer does/supports that's not possible with Hubitat.

A good example would be Insteon... there's work here to try and get Insteon support in Hubitat but it's a long way off and without having direct access it's not possible to develop directly against the PLM so that's not possible and the Insteon Hub route is flaky at best. I've thought about doing a Hubitat integration with ISY... but no incentive....

If you had something like Insteon in your environment you could use HS to control your Insteon Hub, Insteon direct via PLM or Insteon via ISY as there are already plugins to do all of that and you could have Hubitat integrated as well....

HomeSeer is not a "hub" it's more of an umbrella of technologies. It's based around overseeing and integrating disparate technologies. This does make HomeSeer more complicated.