Fortrezz MIMO2+ Garage Door Relay: Can't add tile(s)

I'm new to HE, had mine for less than two weeks, and I can't figure out how to add a dashboard tile for the Fortrezz MIMO2+ relay. I would like a tile for both contact state (two sensors) and relay control (two relays).

The Fortrezz MIMO2+ relay controls two garage door openers (replacing two WEMO Makers). The NO relay contacts switch on for 0.5 sec to control the garage door, and magnetic switches are connected to the sig1 and sig2. Everything is working great.

Did you try the Garage tile, or the Garage (Control) tile?

What I have seen is when using a relay plus contact sensors, you need an app to tie everything together. Then you can use the Garage (Control) tile.

There are various garage door apps, I use LGK Virtual Garage Door app, but there are others that are similar if this doesn't work for you.

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One thing I failed to mention, when I try to add a tile, the Fortrezz MIMO2+ relays or contact sensors don't show up in list of devices to choose from (Pick A Device). The device, however, and all of its settings are listed in the HE device section.

Can ST code be used on HE? I couldn't get it to work, metadata error on line 16, I didn't look at it any further.

UPDATE: Disregard previous comments...I forgot to update the device list for the Dashboard. :grin:

UPDATE 2: I can add door controls (relay control), but can't find any contact sensor status to add to the dashboard. The contact sensors do show up under the device, and I can write apps that use the contact sensor status.

If the sensors are showing open/close on their respective device pages, then when you create the tile, pick the device on the left, and the attribute tab on the right then pick attribute drop down

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Go down to the 3rd post down where it was revised for Hubitat. I thought I had linked that exact one, but apparently I didn't.

It is also available in Hubitat Package Manager.

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I found it and I'm setting it up now. Thank-you for the help!

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Thank-you for the help, I'm beginning to see how it works now.

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