Force a battery level refresh after replacement

I changed the battery in one of my Smartthings Moisture v4 sensors over a week ago. It’s still reporting as 12%. I’ve clicked Configure and Save Device but nothing is making it update. I turned on Debug and saw in the logs what I think was a battery level message, but it’s still parsing it as 12%.

Are there any other tricks to this, or do I just live with it? I’m about to put into into a less than accessible position so I’d like to be able to correctly monitor its battery.

I have several sensors that have been at 1% for over a month, and several that have been at 100% for over 3 months. I found after wasting many batteries because I thought I'd either got a bad batch that were already dead or was afraid of them dying and not knowing I just changed them.

Now I started using this app and it's great.

It runs a report everyday and sends me a list of all my battery devices and the last time they "checked in" So once a day I look at the pushover notification on my phone (or dashboard) and make sure each one has today's day of the week listed by them, thereby knowing they are still working. Whenever one becomes a day behind, I change the battery. I don't even watch the battery status's anymore at all.


you can try simulate a flood to the sensor or use a hair dryer and change the temperature. I don't have the V4 but my first Gen ST moisture sensor updated the battery once I shorted the moisture detector pins or temp change.

There's your answer !

The temperature changes regularly on its own.

I’ve set up a Device Watchdog for it and my other battery devices that reports if they haven’t had any activity for 12 hours. I’ll see how that works out.

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