For Sale!, device blow out!

Iris Zigbee/Z-Wave appliance module $10, 2 remaining
ST Zigbee appliance module $10, 4 remaining
PEQ Zigbee dimmer module $10, 2 remaining

ST/PEQ Centralite motion sensors, great for garages ect. $5, 7 remaining

Iris motion sensors $7, 0 remaining
ST motion sensors $7, 4 remaining

ST/PEQ contact sensors $5, 4 remaining
Iris contact sensors $7, 0 remaining

ST temp humidity sensor $10, 2 remaining

Fibaro motion (non plus, but great battery life) $10, 0 remaining
Aeon (Aeotec) in wall micro dimmer $5, 16 remaining
Aeon (Aeotec) in wall micro switch $5, 10 remaining

Free shipping on orders over $50 in continental US.
Please PM me for ordering, thanks!

Any Leak/Moisture sensors @mike.maxwell :pray:

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Lol. No NYCE stuff :wink:

@stephack It is still possible to find these on Ebay if you check regularly. They just aren't super cheap but not expensive either. This seller currently has 3.

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Thanks for the link but anything more than 25 is not worth it to me. I'm not desparate.

Yeahhh. I get that. The sweet spot for me is <20. I have like 5 of those water sensors- they do work well. I want more too. Just not willing to spend that much either.

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I also have a bunch of devices I'm no longer using and would like to sell.

BTW, If you feel this post is inappropriate, please let me know and I'll delete it immediately.

1 First Alert ZCOMBO z-wave smoke and CO sensor
1 Remotec ZFM-80US z-wave dry contact switch
1 Zooz ZEN25 S2 z-wave+ double plug with USB port
1 Aeotec ZW096-A02 z-wave+ Smart Switch 6 with USB port
1 Aeotec ZW117-A01 z-wave+ Range Extender 6
1 Aeotec ZW089-A z-wave+ Recessed Door Sensor Gen5
2 Aeotec ZW100-A z-wave+ Multi Sensor 6
1 Aeotec ZW090-A z-wave+ Z-Stick Gen5

To the best of my knowledge all the devices are in perfect working condition. Just decided to switch to Zigbee.

If interested PM me your BO + shipping.


Out of curiosity what did you replace all this stuff with? The wife make you get rid of all you ha stuff? Lol jk.

Really just curious what you moved to.

most of it is yet to be replaced, but general lighting went zwave -> zigbee -> and now Lutron Caseta
Motions went Lutron RA2.
Contacts will go NYCE, or hardwired...
Accent lighting will remain zigbee, but looking into DMX.
Just clearing out and getting ready for the next house.

The single biggest annoyance has been battery life, so I'm on a 5 year minimum, or line powered/hardwired quest...