[Fixed] Problem: Notifications extremly delayed (after update?)

I've noticed that the notifications now take several minutes to finally appear on my smartphone (Motorola Moto G Pro, Android 10).

Some days ago - maybe before Hubitat 2.2.5? - it usually only took 1 second...

Has anyone else noticed this too?
Any ideas?

Mine were a little slow right after I did the update but now they’re back to normal.

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So, I have yet to do the update.

My wife got a notification on time, I got mine 9 minutes later. Same phone, android pixel 4a 5g. So.. not sure. I was thinking that this morning and even removed the app from optimization thinking android had it asleep. Can play with it later.

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The same here: Every optimization (battery, sleep, traffic) double checked - nothing found that could explain the change in behavoir. :thinking:
Even reactivated geofencing... :roll_eyes:

Did you every get this sorted? I'm having the same issue. The delay today was about 11 minutes. The HE app shows the correct time for the notification but the push notification didn't hit my phone for about 11 minutes.

Unfortunately, the situation has not improved for me either. :cry:


I just rebooted my phone this morning... seemed to help dramatically. Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.

I seem to have resolved my issue by uninstalling and re-installing the app. I could have sworn I had already done that but anywho. Like you guys I double checked all the power optimizations and even turned it off completely. I know notifications were on as I was getting them just late but I double checked the app notifications and there were 2 hubitats listed, Hubitat and Hubitat mobile. I went to my "Apps that won't be put to sleep" to see which one was listed and Hubitat was not listed at all. I went to add it again but it didn't even appear in the list of apps to add to the list. After re-installing the app, Hubitat Mobile was gone from the notifications in the app so it just shows Hubitat and Hubitat now appears in the list for "Apps that won't be put to sleep". I did some testing and my notification are coming right through.

I've noticed this as well, even upgraded to latest HE yesterday as last ditch effort.. Android 11 on Note 10+. Notifications had been very very reliable until this weekend or so ( at least that is when I noticed it).

Upgraded/Rebuilt phone on 11 a couple weeks ago. I think see the notifications being sent in the HE logs, but phone can take minutes to get it, always get backed up notifications when I wake phone up if they are waiting.

I have also added the recent webex notification driver and both the webex and native HE app notifications are delayed, leaning towards an android problem, but hard to tell

EDIT: appears webex notifications are coming through in a timely matter but still not the native HE notifications

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I've done that already 10 times - no change.

I've done that already 2 times - also no change.

Dear @support, is this problem already known?

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I noticed this on my end as well.

Android 10, essential phone 1, last phone update was 1/2020 so a major phone update didn't change behavior on my end.

basically instant notifications on 2.2.3

Noticed delayed notifications (5-15 minutes) after upgrading to 2.2.4 which got slightly better after the 2.2.5 update. Still can be anywhere from 1-10 minutes delayed. If multiple notifications gets sent around the same time sometimes 1 gets lost/never delivered to the phone.

Was perfect on 2.2.3. Have rebooted my phone and cleared data/cache from he app several times. Fully rebooted he hub several times. Performance of hub otherwise seems normal.

All sleep/data/battery saver options have been disabled on the phone.

Only have 1 phone connected to hubitat currently, so cant compare performance on different makes/user accounts.

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Spoke too soon, still delayed.
Pixel 4a 5G, android 11. Hub c-7

Is it limited to Android or a specific version thereof? (I was forced to an iPhone a few years back, but it’s getting notifications almost immediately.)

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I'm using Android 10, quasi stock version (Motorola Moto G Pro).
Ca. 10 days ago - perhaps before the 2.2.5 update? - I didn't had any problems...

I'm seeing slowness too. I'm on build 128 and android app 1.5.3. Samsung s10 5g.

I was having issue on and jumped to where the slowness still remains

Client version 1.5.3 which was updated Feb 1, I think probably around that time the issue started now that I think about it

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I am having the same exact issue as well.

So I am on 1.5.3 but am on the beta testing squad. Anyone having issues and is not on 1.5.3 ? Not sure if non beta testers are on 1.5.2 or something

Also wondering if anyone has an apk for an earlier version... I found 1.5.1 at apkpure but didn't download it, always worried about those kind of sites

I have not downloaded the app in over a year, it has not changed. I have confirmed it is only the Hubitat app doing this, all others like ring, notifications come thru when phone is asleep.