First Alert smoke detector issue?

New'ish to hubitat...

Installed a few First Alert z-wave smoke detectors. They're showing under devices. Look like they check-in every day or two, which based on other posts appear normal.

Before we really rely on Hubitat, I wanted to test the smoke detectors. Bought some liquid smoke... set off the alarm... and a whole lot of nothing!

Logs show it still reporting clear and didn't even report in today.

I let the alarm go off for about a minute before I silenced it.

Any suggestions??

What was supposed to happen?
If you look at the device page for the smoke detector and tap the “events” tab; does it have any events during the time you set it off?
BTW, I have 4 of these that have all worked well, but they only report in every 6-7 days unless I set one off.

Do they have the correct driver selected? In some cases devices can get added w/just a generic "Device" driver.

Can you clarify what your meaning there ?

I suspect that the devices have fallen off your mesh / got dropped.

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What should it be? It does say "Generic z-wave smoke/co detector" but I don't see first alert or anything in the dropdown

I see the battery reporting every once in a while.

When I set off the alarms, I see no events at all

That should be fine, it's recognized what kind of device it is.

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Hmm so where do I go from here?

I’d expect it to at least show an event that smoke was detected...?

Yes it should do that when it's working correctly. If you push the test button then there should be test events in your device's events page as well.

Just to clarify, you wouldn't receive any kind of notification that smoke was detected unless you have setup Hubitat Safety Monitor or one of the other hub apps that can be triggered off of a smoke event being detected.

But to try to figure out why the device doesn't seem to be reporting smoke events, can you enable debug logging in the device's settings page and try again with another browser tab open to the hub's live logging page?

Edit: A screenshot of the device's main settings page might help too. There should be "current states" visible on the righthand side, including smoke and CO.

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If you run a test does it report that? Mine report tested, when I run the test.

Now I'm going to have to go home tonight and check mine out. I set mine up in HSM and they worked. Boy, did they work

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Not a ton visible... (I Just enabled debugging)

Anything in the logs when you push the test button or spray with the smoke in a can?

So finally got back to working on this... (tough to play with fire alarms with young kids constantly in the house due to covid!)

Nothing was in the debug when doing a test or smoke in a can... I went through some reset process on the smoke detectors. I tried to exclude and re-include but couldn't get the exclude to work for some reason.

Doing the reset on the detectors seems to have worked. I get a "testing" status and smoke in a can did an activation and appropriate alerts.

Kinda makes me nervous as I still have no clue what happened and want these to be reliable... but guess is what it is

I have these and just ran a test on one of them I see this in the logs

dev:1462020-09-18 07:08:20.366 am debug'zw device: 10, command: 8003, payload: 64 , isMulticast: false' parsed to [['name':'battery', 'unit':'%', 'isStateChange':true, 'value':100]]

dev:1462020-09-18 07:08:20.276 am debug'zw device: 10, command: 7105, payload: 0C 00 , isMulticast: false' parsed to [['name':'smoke', 'value':'clear', 'descriptionText':SM/CO2 Office test cleared, 'displayed':false], ['name':'carbonMonoxide', 'value':'clear', 'displayed':false], ['name':'alarmState', 'value':'clear', 'descriptionText':SM/CO2 Office test cleared]]

dev:1462020-09-18 07:08:03.694 am debug'zw device: 10, command: 7105, payload: 0C FF , isMulticast: false' parsed to [['name':'smoke', 'value':'tested', 'descriptionText':SM/CO2 Office was tested, 'displayed':false], ['name':'carbonMonoxide', 'value':'tested', 'descriptionText':SM/CO2 Office was tested, 'displayed':false], ['name':'alarmState', 'value':'tested', 'descriptionText':SM/CO2 Office was tested]]