Firmware 2.2.4 and Aeotec Door/Window Series 7 issues

Same boat here. I have excluded and reset the sensor. Then included it without security just to make sure it wasn't the sensor and it worked perfectly. Since it is an exterior door, I'd prefer S2.

But I know @bcopeland is on it and it'll get resolved soon.

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I did the same thing and it works without S2 but mine is going on exterior door also and want the same. Thanks


Bad news... Nothing I can do to fix this.. Aeotec has a firmware bug.. The SDK is blocking it because the session ID is not incrementing on the supervision get requests from the device..aeotec1


I have open and closed this a hundred times.. and the session ID stays 0x02

Until Aeotec fixes their bug.. It will only work if included without security

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And I didn’t see a firmware update on their site for this device

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We are attempting to contact Aeotec engineering about this problem


Ok, fine, thanks for looking into this. I didn’t find any firmware updates on the Aeotec site. I looked before reporting issues for the device. My particular needs right now don’t require S2, but I would, eventually, like to put them on our front and back doors.

What about these other issues with this device that don’t involve S2? Note that these are just the things I have noted. Others have reported other issues.




One of those is not the same device..

The others..

I just re-included without security and am having no issues with the device on the current driver version ..

Interesting note.. the button does not trigger wakeup.. so looks like there is no way to trigger wakeup from this device, you have to wait until the wakeup period..

Pressing the button just triggers a NIF, no wakeup

Which one? Respectfully, Bryan, they are. I can send you pictures of each. They came in the same order from Amazon, in identical boxes.

The device names are:
Bedroom Closet Door Sensor
Library Closet Door Sensor
Coat Closet Door Sensor

All are ZW187-A

:point_up_2: Zooz

So, is there a requirement to remove firmware files from the Device Firmware Updater’s File Manager, such that, if a firmware file for a different device is needed, then all prior files for other non-identical devices must first be removed before a different file for a different device can be chosen?

I would have thought that the File Manager was a “File Manager”, and allowed the desired file to be chosen for an update.

Please correct my confusion.

It does .. You can have as many firmware files as the storage allows.. I'm not sure what the issue is you are describing..

But this was a discussion about Aeotec Recessed 7 to which you said all of these posts were related to the device not functioning without security.. To which I said .. one of those is not this device.. And I pointed out that I re-tested the device with the current driver version without secure inclusion and am having no issues operating the device..

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Now.. The device seems to function properly with the current driver without secure inclusion.. We are attempting to reach out to Aeotec engineering to get them to fix their firmware so secure inclusion will function properly.. I have many more issues with other drivers / devices / software bugs I need to address..


Ok. I sent you a PM on this rather than hijack this thread on this point. I will prepare another post repeating only the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 issues for which I have filed a number of bug reports over the past months for the consolidated driver that have never been addressed, and which have never been solved, and which I don’t see that you have tried to address. I have never filed a bug report for the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 regarding secure pairing. I could never get the device to work with S2 pairing, for reasons you seem to have discovered and are addressing, so my Aeotec devices have always been paired with no security.

My points have always been that the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 worked perfectly on my C-5, which could not, and did not, use S2 pairing, but instead used the now-deprecated Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 built-in driver. That deprecated but fully-functional driver is no longer available as a driver choice now that I have manually migrated to my C-7.

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The new driver will work fine if included without security too.. This is not a driver issue, but a device issue.


Hi Bryan, Thanks for getting to the bottom of this issue. Appreciate the hard work! :sunglasses:

Hopefully, Aeotec will be fixing their firmware quickly.

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Understood that the S2 security inclusion issue is a device issue, not a driver issue, and we are in complete agreement on that.

But my Recessed Door Sensor 7 devices, paired with no security, have never worked correctly with the consolidated built-in driver on my C-7, whereas they did work correctly on my C-5 with the older built-in (and now unavailable) Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 driver.

I understand that you tested and it works fine for you when included without security using the consolidated driver. That’s just not what I see.