Finding generic Zwave drivers?

I'm not a newbie to HA and I'm migrating from Wink. My HE came today and I am attempting to add my existing devices. I have a bunch of Go Control door/window sensors and motion/temp sensors. I'm searching for the generic drivers for them but Google and forum searches only result in discussions of them but no link to the drivers themselves. I guess I need the "Generic Zwave motion sensor and temperature driver?"
I have them listed here: Community Device Drivers (AKA Compatible Devices Wiki)
but there is no link to the drivers for them. I am sure there is something very simple I am missing but I need help finding it. I am very excited to be part of this great community and looking forward to exploring everything the developer community has to offer.

Welcome to Hubitat!

The "Generic Z-Wave ...." drivers are built-in drivers. The code for them is not available separately and does need to be added separately.

When you pair your GoControl door/window sensors and motion sensors, the correct generic driver will be automatically selected. For the GoControl door/window sensors, the generic driver that will be chosen is "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor". For the motion/temp sensors, the driver that is automatically chosen is "Generic Z-Wave Motion/Temperature Sensor".

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Thank you! I like such a quick response!

I guess I am missing something else. When I go to Devices > Discover Devices > Z-wave > Start Z-Wave Inclusion I find nothing. I was under the impression that the sensors would be discovered even if they are still associated with the Wink hub? I can still use the Wink hub to exclude them if I need to but I was hoping to use Hubitat for it since the Wink app isn't great.

No, any z-wave device can be paired to just a single controller at a time.

You will have to exclude them, then factory reset them, and then discover them (include them) using Hubitat.

This post from Hubitat Support has really good instructions on this process.

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Instructions to exclude the GoControl contact and motion sensors are in the Hubitat Support document I linked to above. However, you should look under "Linear" and not "GoControl".

Linear/GoControl/Nortek are all the same .....

Use this link for the Linear products:

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Ah! I think I have my head wrapped around the process now. It seems "hold the switch for 1 second" is actually a few more than 1 second for me but it seems to be working now.
Thank you again!

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Yes. There are many factors that affect the "1 second", including -

  1. distance from Wink
  2. distance from Hubitat
  3. your home's geometry (walls, floors etc.)
  4. home construction materials (and how well z-wave makes it through)
  5. battery life remaining

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