(FINALLY) Govee Light Strips and Hubitat Integration

After spending several days searching the forums and google searches, I couldn't find any way to get my Govee light strips to connect to Hubitat. As someone who just got Hubitat and is coming from pretty much only Alexa and cloud devices, I was very disappointed because they make great light strips. I decided to see what I could figure out on my own and finally found a workaround that will do it. This will only do power on/off so the Govee lights are going to turn on to whatever setting you last had it on. This DOES require that you have Alexa because Govee doesn't work with any other third party. I'm not sure if they do work with Google Home.

Hubitat Setup -

  1. Create a Virtual Motion Sensor and name it whatever you want. (Make sure to name it something meaningful because you will need this in the Alexa app.)
  2. Open the Alexa Skill in Hubitat and select for this new Virtual Motion Sensor to be seen by Alexa.

Alexa Setup -

  1. Create a Routine
  2. Select "When this happens"
  3. Select "Smart Home"
  4. Select the new virtual motion sensor you just made
  5. Select "Detected" and click "Next"
  6. Select "Add Action"
  7. Select "Smart Home"
  8. Select "Lights"
  9. Choose your Govee light(s)
  10. Select to turn on and then save

Go back to Hubitat. If you are looking to do an automation, go into RM, create the trigger and then for Action you will choose "Set Mode or Variable, Run Custom Action". From here, choose the virtual motion sensor you created and then select it as "Detected". Once saved, you will now have your Govee lights turn on once the trigger has happened. You can do the same for turning it off as well. If you're simply looking for an on/off option in a dashboard then do the following.

Same Hubitat and Alexa setup as above.

  1. Create a virtual switch
  2. Go into RM and create a rule that says when the switch is turned on the action is motion detected on the virtual motion sensor.

I've tested both the automation as well as the switch and both have worked flawlessly. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help walk you through it.


Nice work around.... I thought about this before but I don't use my strips that often. Maybe I should revist this after reading your steps.

Are you using an actual motion sensor or pairing a switch in HE to control the Govee LED strip? And btw, I believe they do support Google Home. I bought one because of the price per length to light up some closet shelving to make things easier to see.

I do have a motion sensor but not tied to this in anyways. I’m using it in a rule that says when the Xbox activity on my Harmony Hub is triggered, turn these lights on. Otherwise turn them off. I’d imagine a motion sensor could be done the same way. I’ll play around with it this week and see if I can get it to do the same with that.

thanks so much for the solution, i was able to get the lights to turn on using a zwave button i have, but i cant figure out to make them toggle so i can turn them off using the same button? maybe im missing something.

@x1PatientZero1x Just wanted to thank you for this! Works great. I was able to create the virtual motion sensor and switch and create rules to turn the GOVEE lights on and off. I even used this method to create virtual switches for my Lutron lights so I can still use them until I have a chance to get a Pro hub. I do have one question though. Is there anyway to send the state of the lights from Alexa to Hubitat? I'm not always going to be using Hubitat to turn these light on or off so there are going to be sync issues. I though that I could create a routine in Alexa that turned the virtual motion sensor to active when the lights are turned on but that doesn't seem possible.

Thank you. This was very helpful. I can also use this technique to control my outrun lights without having to upgrade to the pro bridge.

I have some Govee DreamColor TV that I absolutely Love and some months ago I manage to do something very similar to this but I do not use Alexa at all so I did it with a Pi running Assistant Relay and managing them using Google Assistant commands.

It was actually more complex than this as what I really wanted was to be able to turn them On/Off using my Harmony Remote so the Pi is also running HABridge: A Harmony remote button press sends the command to the Harmony Hub which sends the command to HABridge which sends a command to Assistant Relay which sends the command to the Google Cloud which sends the command to the Govee Cloud which sends the command to the DreamColor TV and then finally the thing turns on...

Amazingly enough this has been extremely reliable for months now (more that some of my Z-Wave Plus devices) although it takes about 2 to 3 sec to respond, but that is good enough for this purpose.

Two good things came out of this: using HABridge I can now trigger Hubitat Automations/rules form a Harmony Remote and using Assistant Relay I can control any device connected to Google from Hubitat.

Let me know if anyone wants more details about this implementation...

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May be something for folks of this thread to look at.Govee Hubitat driver


Is there a workaround like this for Govee Water Sensors so that it could trigger the Dome Home Water Shutoff Valve to close if it detected a leak? I bought the Dome Home to use with Hubitat but didn't realize the Govee leak detection wouldn't work with Hubitat. =( I'm not technically inclined so any help would be greatly appreciated!

What I did is create a routine in Alexa that enable/disable the virtual switch in hubitat when you enable/disable a device through voice control
Ex: "Alexa turn on bedroom lamp" Action: (bedroom lamp ON) + (virtual switch hubitat ON)

I don't thinks that is what @dennistrisch is looking for. He/she wants to trigger an event from the govee leak sensor. So the first question is when setting up a routine in alexa can alexa use the govee sensor to trigger an event. That functionality is a little limited last time i looked at it.

It is to bad they dont have a open API for the leak sensors like we used to integrate the lights and switches they make.

Honestly I would suggest you look into zigbee or zwave leak sensors so it will have fewer points of failure. They will talk directly to the Hubitat hub.

I just looked through the listing on amazon and what i found doesn't sound good for you. Sinply put they can't trigger events with amazon alexa. They also are not liste for the API that we already worked on. This looks like it will only worj with the govee app.

Sorry I'm just posting to follow up on this later. Looking to get these strips too

Well earlier this year myself and another used worked on a driver in this thread. One thing to remember is that not all of the strips are created equal. Some of them will allow HE to sync the status, while others will not. So just do a little research and make sure you get the most recent version of the LED strip to ensure you get the best results.

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