Fibaro Roller Shutter 2/3 - Nothing works correctly

New user to Hubitat from SmartThings. I have my curtains automated using Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 FGR-222 and my garage door using Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 FGR-223. These worked fine in SmartThings with a bit of a workaround in that I had to use the Device Handler for the 223 on the 222 devices.

I can't get anything working properly in Hubitat:

  • Roller Shutter 2 driver. Does not support the contact sensor and so when I get onto some of the rules I had previously in ST they won't work. The preferences/options that can be updated on the device page are write only. Once set they disappear so it's not possible to go back and look at what was set. If the manual wall switch is used, the status of my tile in Sharp Tools does not update - it's not that there's a delay, it simply never updates.

  • Roller Shutter 3 driver. Using it on the Roller Shutter 2's as I did in SmartThings. This supports the contact sensor. The preferences/options can be updated and are read/write. As I'm using the wrong driver, the configure button doesn't work but I could and did calibrate it manually. As above the tile status does not update in Sharp Tools ever.

  • Generic Z Wave Shade. Doesn't support positioning. Only updates the tile status when the manual switch is used unless I manually refresh it.

You can try my version of the FGR-223 driver if you haven't already:

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a try tomorrow. I'm using mainly the Roller Shutter 2's but as mentioned I had them running with the Roller Shutter 3 DH in SmartThings ok.

My main issue is getting things to update their status on my tiles when the device is controlled by its local switch rather than it's tile (in SharpTools). I have to have this working well otherwise it's a bit pointless fit's not clear what is on, off, open and closed. I've just added a Fibaro Dimmer 2 to one of my room lights and if I operate that locally by it's manual switch, the status updated in SharpTools straight away without a delay. I can't see why the roller shutter wouldn't act in a similar fashion.

Try this device handler for your 222's. I don't know if it works yet but someone edited me the smartthings version

Yeah that's the one I used but it doesn't correctly for me - it doesn't present itself as having a contact and it's not updating the tiles when operated locally.

Yeah I'm getting the same issue, i tried submitting a request to the fibaro roller shutter devices to be added to the compatibility list but never heard back.

The driver for the 223 is working up to a point on the 222 and supports the contact so it should be available for use in rules. When I close/open the curtain over the network the status on the tile updates immediately. I wonder if I set up a simple rule such as - "if Roller Shutter A contact is closed then close Roller Shutter A." My thought is that when the manual close button is pressed, at closure the contact will trigger the rule sending a duplicate close signal over the network to the already closed blind/curtain and update the tile icon accordingly.

Does that sound feasible? I read of users doing something similar with Harmony app to force the activity status to update SmartThings.

Yeah that sounds like it might work for you. I am having an issue where it is just not reporting the status at all. It just constantly says opening, it worked fine with SmartThings but Heard- the Hubitat hub has less range so could be that.

Had a quick try and it didn't work. I've not a clue where the problem lies, I need to set it up and look at the logs. I decided to move from SmartThings as Hubitat seemed a better option. I guess I've just been sucked in by the marketing, as I've less functionality and more issues here than I had there. There's a lot of hype about community written drivers etc but at the end of the day, they're not supported in any way and if they don't work then you're scuppered. I'm hardly going to switch out all of the devices to make them compatible with the hub. I'll waste another day or two then make a decision whether it'd be better to send the Hubitat back. Gutted

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Hi there,
I am also unhappy with the lack of an official driver for FGR-223 and I tried some different user drivers.
Have a look at this [Beta Release] Advanced “Every Device Customized” Zwave Plus Dimmer/Switch Driver by @jvm33. It is not perfect for Roller Shutters (yet) but I am using it on some roller shutters FGR-223 and waiting for @jvm33 to add the Window Shade capability that will support changing the level reporting when shutter is closed.

I haven't forgotten about this, but am in the middle of a full rewrite of this driver to support command supervision and a few other more advanced features added with Hubitat 2.2.5. I'm almost there with it.

I only have one 223 in use on my system - on the garage door. It seems to work fine with the community driver and refreshes automatically when the manual switch is used for the door.

Where I have/had issues is with my curtain motors. When I was using SmartThings with the 223, they always failed the initial position calibration and so could only be fully opened or closed. I had to replace them all with the older non z wave plus 222 model, then use the 223 device handler.

I have a spare 223 and am going to try replacing one of the 222's with it to see if I get the same calibration issue I did while using SmartThings.

Currently I have a rule to poll the 222's every 3 minutes to refresh the status so my tiles are kept up to date with position. Also, annoyingly all of the 222 models permanently show "syncing" instead of "synced"

Can you please share the rule you are using to poll the device?

Ok so you just set the rule with:

Trigger Event - "Periodic Schedule" then select "every n minutes" and enter value
Action - "Capture/Restore, Device Refresh or Polling" > "Refresh Status" add in all of the devices you need to refresh.

I guess this creates an amount of additional traffic on the network. I will at some point add an "If Then" statement so that it runs every 5 minutes, only at the times of day when I'm likely to be operating the curtains and less frequently otherwise.

Quick question for you. I assume you are currently using the setLevel dimmer control to open / close the shades. If you set it to the value 0 -- is that fully open? Similarly, is the value 99 fully closed?.

Or is it the opposite (0 = closed, 99 = fully open).

0 = fully closed (meaning the shutter is all the way down)
99=fully open (meaning the shutter is all the way up)

That corresponds with how it is on the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2/3 modules as well when using the corresponding drivers. 0 shut, 99 open

I do have an Alpha version of the Window Shade version if you want to give it a try. Look here:

The driver is "Window Shade Driver.groovy". Let me know if it works correctly.

Downloaded and uploaded the driver and assigned it to the device FGR-223.
Getting loads of errors:

Also, can not enter the device page

Is your device paired with S2 security?
When I was testing this iteration, I wasn't using S2. If that is the problem, it should be an easy fix. Revert to the prior driver while I check this. Sorry about that.