Fibaro Home Lite on sale (good for updating Fibaro firmware)

I got an email from Vesternet in the UK. They have the Fibaro Home Lite on 50% of, so 120 pounds. Might be a good deal in case you have to update the firmware of your Fibaro devices.

On that topic of Firmware updates, I have shared on several occasions to the HE team that, according to a statement I found, that Fibaro will align with other hub manufacturers to allow them to update their firmware. I haven´t heard any response yet from HE.

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I got the same email today.

I’ve just purchased my first 2 Fibaro devices ( dimmer 2 and window/ door contact). Not set up yet. How often do these devices need updates and if so how are they deployed? Would I need to buy a fibaro home centre just for that purpose? Or is it a case of fit, forget & enjoy? Would be great if HE could support any updates though.

I have quite a few Fibaro devices of various types and age. Mostly they just work and they have never been updated. However, in some cases it seems that some are having issues with certain aspects if they have an older Firmware.

One such device is the motion sensor "eye" that does not report temp correctly, if it is an older version. Newer ones do. The older door/window sensor really does not work well.

Currently, one of the few, perhaps only, way of updating the firmware is via the Fibaro bridge.

I got a lite when it was cheap aswell, but the only device that needed updating was the RGBW controller and that doesn't work with the C7 so they have been demoted to a draw for now :rage:. Need to find something that will do that same job, just don't want to buy Fibaro because of the firmware situation.

Have you checked out Gledopto devices? They have a RGBW controller.

I actually have one of their "pro" (ZigBee 3.0) versions to test. It seems to be OK, but I really liked the effects on the fibaro, its a shame these don't have that.

New version on the way maybe ?

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