Hi all, I bought this device last week and have issue with connection. I prepare HE to z-wave inclusion but no new devices found. Is anyone who successfully paired it to HE? Thanks

There is a fairly old thread about the SWIPE here... looks like some folks have gotten it to work with a custom driver. Not sure how dated the info is.

However... a failure to include could be a different issue. Are you having problems including other zwave devices or just this one?

Yes I've read this thread. I've got only zibgee devices in my network and this is my fist z-wave. But many tries to pair it to HE with no success.

Ah ok. In general adding zwave devices to HE involves building out a zwave mesh and that's not doable with a single device. Take a look at the article below. HOWEVER... there's no sense adding a dozen zwave repeaters just to see if you can get a single zwave device working. So maybe let's try a couple things.

If you look at your zwave details page can you confirm your zwave radio is actually on and do you see a firmware update button at the top? If you do, update the zwave firmware.

How far are you from your hub when you try this inclusion?

Have you tried EXCLUDING the swipe prior to INCLUDING it?

And can you post a screen shot of your zwave details page assuming it is not blank? If it's blank that's OK.

I have tried both (excluding and including) and also the swipe is very close to HE.

What version of the hub do you have? (I should have asked that first.)

Ah ok. I am not really that familiar with the C5 - and unfortunately where it differs from the C7 is z-Wave! It would be great if you had one other z-wave device hanging around to test. I don't suppose you have one in your junk drawer?